Future of Flight: The Sky Is The Limit?

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Future of Flight: The Sky Is The Limit?

Where is the future of flight headed? In Future of Flight: The Sky is the Limit? we pose this question as we seek to find out what new aircraft and innovations are on the horizon, as well as what trends will be changing the way we travel on charter jets. Technology being developed that will revolutionize on-board navigation? An entirely new feat of jet engineering in the works? What is going on with sub-orbital travel? What inventions might vastly improve the environmental impacts of the industry? We’ve got a world to leave in better shape for future generations. So let’s open our minds and indulge in our own Flights of Fancy.

Motivational Words Etched On Wood - The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

1000+ Best: Future Quotes About the Future

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate and tell a story succinctly. Enjoy these 1000+ Future quotes. The best quotes about the Future encourage dreams for ourselves, loved ones, and the world! ...

Inspirational quote and depiction of Kennedy looking to the sky at the John F. Kennedy memorial monument at the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

400+ Best: Space Quotes About Space Exploration

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate and tell a story succinctly. Enjoy these 400+ Space quotes. The best quotes about Space Exploration make everyone see realistic travel destinations of the fu ...

Abstract futuristic airplane shadow on the airport tarmac in sunny airport preparing for VTOL departure or arrival

Plain Planes Takeoff From the Plain - Advanced Aircraft, VTOL, and UAVS Launch From Anywhere

In the future, aircraft we made out of lighter materials, and we will have flying cars which are able to take off vertically. In other words we won't need long runways, or regular aircraft as we know ...

Impossible written with contrails in the blue sky

The Hybrid Future Of Aerospace

When it comes to environmental impacts, the global aviation industry accounts for a mere 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, there is a growing environmental concern. Since 1990, the industr ...

Fast spinning hollow point bullet heading toward the viewer

How About a Spinning Fuselage for a Hypersonic Piloted Craft?

Stability is a really tough design problem for a hypersonic aircraft within the Earth's atmosphere, a vehicle traveling four to five times the speed of a bullet. A bullet inherently is stable partly b ...

Electric aircraft charger station with plug and power cable supply on cargo or airplane parking with blue sky background.

EA - Electric Aircraft and Future Materials

Currently most of the electric aircraft prototypes aren't worth their salt. It's not that they don't work, sure they do; they can take-off and land and fly around. And they are much quieter, which is ...

A small blue private helicopter landed on a beautifully decorated helipad in a private house on the edge of a picturesque green lawn

What is the Need For Helipads?

If you own a house located in a very large city, you know how difficult it can be to get from place to place. At the same time, cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are becoming overcrowde ...

Futuristic flying cars in sci fi tunnel.

Are Personal Flying Vehicles the Future of Transport?

Flying cars have long been an appealing fiction, but could they be just over the horizon? Join us as we look at the burgeoning Personal Flying Vehicle trend and ask whether this could be the future of ...

Several molecules connected, crystallized in the hexagonal system, concept of a carbon structure.

Future Materials Will Change Aerospace Forever - Shouldn't We Make That Happen Now

Consider if you will all of the failed prototypes in aviation since mankind's first powered flight, then consider all the successes. Lastly, think about all the designs which may have in fact been ahe ...

Team of aeronautical engineers analyzing jet data

Prospects and Futures in Aeronautical Engineering

The article explains about the engineering field that is setting the base for the career involving the aircraft and the spacecraft and all over with the designing and manufacturing of flights and jet ...

A floating Seaplane speeds up to take off on a sightseeing excursion on the New South Wales Coast, Australia.

Floatplanes With Superhydrophobic Nanostructures Coatings

As a designer and innovator type, I often see applications for new scientific research and discoveries. I'd like to explain what I mean with a little example if I might. In this case study, I will be ...

Businessman shows concept hologram 3d helicopter on his hand

Transitional Flight - Rotor Blades Becoming Wings on 3-Bladed Helicopters Considered

The perfect VTOL aircraft design has been the desire of many an aerospace engineer, a flying machine which can go from vertical takeoff to high-speed flight flawlessly, efficiently, and effortlessly. ...

Laminar flow of an airfoil (wing cross section) with its pitch angle within the critical angle of attack (typically 15° for most commercial airliners).

Morphing Wings and Airfoils - Efficiency, Components, And The Future

All aircraft currently are a compromise, but I'm wondering why we are doing so much compromising, and not enough futuristic innovation in aerospace engineering. Yes, I know it cost millions of dollars ...

Flying cars in the sky

Flying Cars Take You to New Heights

What's the single greatest disappointment of the 21st century? You don't have to be a sci-fi buff to know that the answer is a distinct lack of flying cars. Science-fiction authors have a lot to answe ...

Airplane or aircraft flying over the Earth planet. Flight outer space commercial tourism concept.

Future of Flight

Flying today is a commonplace experience. But what is the future of flight and aviation? ...

Man using a computer to design a futuristic airplane at home

New Aircraft Designs of the Future - New Materials and Greater Performance Is the Goal

About 6-years ago, I had come up with a crazy looking aircraft design, somewhat of a radical departure from conventional aircraft of our present period. It looked weird but was fairly aerodynamically ...

Airplane and hydrogen tank trailer on the background of airport. New energy sources

Hydrogen Fuels and Aviation

Hydrogen is the first known gas that is on the periodic table. Thus setting this in a class of its own and it is a known fact that hydrogen fuels are the cleanest invention. ...

Handsome bearded mechanic in uniform is smiling while cleaning the aircraft in hangar

Aircraft Cleaning To Get Easier In The Future - Plane Washing And Debugging

Let's face it, it's hard to get bugs off the leading edges of helicopter blades, corporate jet leading edges and aircraft tail sections. It's the aircraft cleaner's worst nightmare to see an aircraft ...

Old aluminum background detail of a military aircraft, surface corrosion. Oxidized metal texture with rivets.

Aircraft Composites Repair Decides the Future

Opinions about carbon composites within the aircraft industry are both positive and negative and are based mainly on components of thin laminates and/or sandwich panels construction. In order to gain ...

Airplane flying over beautiful sunset sky

5 Aerospace Sector Market Trends Aiming to Pump Positive Growth

With the rise in the volume of traveling all across the globe, there has been a precipitous growth in the aviation & aerospace industry. The rising share of traveling population is causing a significa ...

Blue-green algae, also called Cyanobacteria, are photosynthetic bacteria. They grow in pond when the water is warm and enriched with food nutrients.

Bio Fuel For the Future

Algae is the unwanted slime in your home aquarium or the goo that's putting you off going for a swim in your public lake. It can grow almost everywhere there is water and sunlight, and under the right ...

Flying cars in the air

Flying Cars, Airspace, Autonomous AI, and Traffic Schemes Considered

Not long ago I was talking to a fellow private pilot and he also happened to be a former airline pilot about the prospects of flying cars in our future. One of the biggest challenges will be that if t ...

Future of Flight: The Sky Is The Limit?

Future of Flight: The Sky Is The Limit?

Where is the future off light headed? In Future of Flight: The Sky is the Limit? we pose this question as we seek to find out what new aircraft and innovations are on the horizon, as well as what tren ...

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