The History of Aviation - From the Wright Brothers to Lockheed Martin

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The History of Aviation - From the Wright Brothers to Lockheed Martin

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The History of Aviation - From the Wright Brothers to Lockheed Martin

The History of Aviation - From the Wright Brothers to Lockheed Martin

By John Catech

Leonardo da Vinci originally came up with the concept of flying aircraft many years ago, drawing pictures and blueprints that would later be studied by all manner of aviation experts. The history of aviation begins even earlier than this, however, as there are all manner of paintings, blueprints and diagrams that describe flying machines stretching back into prehistory. Depictions of all manner of different types of aircraft have littered the earth from artists, engineers and just flat-out dreamers who have considered the concept of flying long before the history of aviation ever included the Wright brothers. With the tremendous levels of advancement that have been made over the years, it is clear that there is little doubt on the part of most of the history of aviation's place in the development of mankind. Without the ability to fly through the air, there are all manner of advancements and developments that simply would not have been possible over the years.

The history of aviation is only extremely clear after the Wright brothers began their legendary test flights in Ohio. Shortly after, America saw all manner of historical firsts, such as Charles Lindbergh and his historical flight as well as all manner of advancements in areas that have been overcome, such as the sound barrier. Today, it is easy to take for granted the amazing ability to fly through the air. But, once upon a time, it was only a dream in the minds of primitive man. Only after many centuries of theory, design and development did anything ever become of the idea of the flying contraption. Fortunately, once Americans took to the air, all manner of innovation closely followed. From jet aircraft to the amazing capabilities of the SR 71 blackbird, the advancements that have been made over the years staggered the imagination. Surely not even Leonardo da Vinci ever had any idea that this type of achievements were possible.

Today, the history of aviation gets a lot of attention from those individuals who are interested in the subject of the history of aviation and want to learn more about it whenever possible. This type of focus is only logical, as the history of aviation is extremely interesting and has taken many twists and turns over the years. With notable luminaries such as Howard Hughes and Roy Fokker joining the ranks of the Wright Brothers and the legendary Charles Lindbergh, the history of aviation has only gotten more interesting as time has passed. Leaving the world with more and more amazing stories of legendary courage and derring do, not to mention feats of engineering and marvels of man's technological prowess. As mankind continues to advance, the innovation that makes it into the history of aviation will be interesting to catalog as the years pass and the future becomes the present.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about aviation history.

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