Fire Exit Signs for Airplanes

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Fire Exit Signs for Airplanes

Fire exit sign on airplane

Fire Exit Signs for Airplanes

Fire Exit Signs for Airplanes

By John A Denver

In aircrafts, an emergency exit is any structure that is used as a special exit point during crisis situations such as an outbreak of fire. In standard aircraft, either the main doors on the port side or starboard side of the aircraft or special emergency doors over the wing are considered as fire exits. Standard signs are mounted over exits and at other strategic locations throughout the aircraft to make it convenient for passengers to find their way out in emergency situations.

Regulations Regarding Exits In Aircrafts

The aviation industry follows stringent regulations regarding the number and specifications of emergency exit in an aircraft. This is usually regulated by the aircraft's passenger carrying capacity, maximum distance between each seat and the nearest fire exit and whether the aircraft is single or double-aisled. Accordingly, adequate number are used to guide the passengers to their nearest exit in minimum time. The basic aim is to complete evacuation of passengers and crews within ninety seconds even if most of the main exit points are inaccessible.

Regulations Regarding Fire Exit Signs in Aircrafts

Considering the importance of emergency signs in saving lives during a disaster, strict specifications are followed in the design and use of emergency exit signs. After all, these aid passengers in locating and accessing the exits quickly and easily even when the cabin is covered in dense smoke.


Accordingly, there should be an adequate number of emergency exit locator signs all along the central aisle to guide the passengers towards the exits. Additional exit signs must be located above the aisles just adjacent to each emergency exit (within a distance of thirty inches). The signs may be placed at other appropriate locations if a low headroom or any other structure (such as a divider or the bulkhead) obstructs a clear view from every angle. Moreover, the signs should be located in such a manner that these are easily visible from a distance not more than the width of the cabin.


Emergency fire exit signs should always use self-powered illumination technique so that these are visible even when the cabin lights have gone off. Self-illuminated fire exit locator signs are extremely safe and dependable and work even during complete absence of any power supply, electrical connection or batteries. They are designed as per the latest aviation industry safety regulations and can be fitted anywhere within the aircraft without any dependence on the power supply network. They require no maintenance and function without any glitches for their entire life.

Standard fire exit locator signs must have bold red letters that are at least 1½ inches tall. These should be marked on a white background that is at least 21sq inches in area. As mentioned above, the signs should be self-illuminated with a brightness of not less than 400 microlamberts. For aircraft having capacity of less than nine passengers, all emergency exit signs should have an illumination of at least 160 microlamberts.

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John A Denver

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