How to Enhance Your Aircraft Interiors With Proper Sidewall Panels

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How to Enhance Your Aircraft Interiors With Proper Sidewall Panels

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How to Enhance Your Aircraft Interiors With Proper Sidewall Panels

How to Enhance Your Aircraft Interiors With Proper Sidewall Panels

By Nitin Saini

The sidewall panels within an aircraft have traditionally been used to lighten up the interiors of the aircraft and enhance its overall visibility. However, this has had its own defects. The overhead lighting system washing down on the panel used to poke into the passenger's eyes when they looked up at them. Also the oval shaped windows did not allow much vision for the passenger next to the window seat and created a cramped ambience within the cabin.

However the new-age sidewall panels have been designed to create a feeling of improved space and prominent interiors with use of lighting modules. No matter what kind of paneling you are looking for, make sure you do not miss out on this brilliant opportunity to enhance your cabin lighting and ventilation by using the new-age sidewall panels.

Today we have better customized single interior sidewall panels that could fit all types of aircraft. These provide better visibility for the passengers with larger windows slotted in. The size and curvature of the panels depend upon the size of the aircraft. In its usual unperturbed form, it is curved out. So if your aircraft is larger, the amount of bend you need is bigger.

Another typical feature of these panels includes the flexible, laterally overlapping panel connecting design. This technology helps to perfect the uniformity of pressure within the cabin interiors. Next you can find the D-shaped window opening where the window assembly is fixed in. This opening is made to be slightly pointing backwards with a relatively upward tilt to the horizontal angle.

The LED indirect lighting module that appears at the forward end of the window assembly with low-intensity lighting is then directed on to the rear margin of the next adjacent panel assembly. Such reflection of light helps to avoid it directly falling onto the passenger's eyes and brightens up the entire interior of the aircraft in a startling way!

Finally the kick panels located at the lower border of the sidewall panels slots in the decompression ducts and vents for better cabin ventilation. Apart from that they are also mounted upon with enhanced foot area lighting system for better vision onto the cabin floors for the passengers.

In short, with the right type of sidewall panels you can illuminate the entire aircraft to bring in a new dazzling effect for the interiors while keeping it fresh with ventilation ducts as well!

Today no aircraft could be complete without these sidewall panels [http://www.aerotexinteriors.com] for that ultimate touch! Make sure you get these wonderful set of sidewall panels [http://www.aerotexinteriors.com] installed in at the earliest and recreate the aura within!

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Nitin Saini

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