Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulators

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Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulators

Ground personnel at the airport check the hydraulic system of the landing gear of the aircraft

Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulators

Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulators

By John Routledge

Aerospace hydraulic accumulators.

Aircraft hydraulic accumulators are components in hydraulic systems that allow a noncompressible fluid, such as oil, to be stored under pressure. An accumulator has two compartments separated by a flexible or movable partition such as a diaphragm, bladder, or piston. One compartment contains compressed air or nitrogen, and the other is connected into the source of hydraulic pressure.

Aircraft strut servicing equipment.

When oil is pumped into the accumulator, portable charging units or PCUs are used. The partition moves over and increases the pressure of the air. This air pushing against the partition holds pressure on the oil. Hydraulic accumulators in an aircraft hydraulic system act as shock absorbers and provide a source of additional hydraulic power when heavy demands are placed on the system. The maintenance equipment is known generally as aircraft strut servicing equipment.

Accumulator air preload refers to the charge of compressed air or nitrogen in one side of an accumulator. The air preload is normally about one third of the system hydraulic pressure and there is good market for low pressure strut charging kits. When fluid is pumped into the oil side of the accumulator, the air is further compressed, and the air pressure and the fluid pressure become the same. If the air preload pressure is too low, there will be almost no time between the regulator reaching its kick-in and kick-out pressures, and the system will cycle far more frequently than it should. If there is no air pressure gauge on the accumulator, the amount of air preload may be found by watching the hydraulic system pressure gauge as the pressure is slowly bled off the system. The pressure will drop slowly, until a point is reached at which it drops suddenly. This point is the air preload pressure.

Strut/accumulator inflate/deflate tools will now allow aircraft service personnel to achieve accurate setting of aircraft strut pressures. Accurate settings will ensure smoother take-off and landings are achieved and will minimise both aircraft and tyre damage.

Hydraulic equipment repair and pnematic equipment repair.

Hydraulic systems need to generally to be maintained, serviced, and adjusted in accordance with:manufacturers' maintenance manuals and permanent component maintenance manuals. Hydraulic lines and fittings should be carefully inspected at regular intervals to insure airworthiness. Any evidence of fluid loss or leaks, loose anchorages, scratches, kinks, or other damage should be scrupulously managed, replaced or repaired. The role of the military or civil ground support equipment custom designer should not be underestimated.

aviation-database.com [http://www.aviation-database.com/] has lots of resources for the aircraft industry. The web is a vast source of information. Aviation-database collects the industry into one huge database of contacts. Aircraft hydraulic accumulators [http://www.aviation-database.com/Newbow-tyre-pressure-gauges-and-inflators.html] and their role in aircraft strut servicing equipment is an area of ground support equipment custom design that Newbow Aerospace in th UK can help you with.

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John Routledge

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