Science of Aviation

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Science of Aviation

Science of Aviation

The Science of Aviation, which allows us to fly, works hand-in-hand with design to create the machines we so admire. Fully comprehending the artistry of aircraft requires understanding the physics and engineering, the navigation and aerodynamics, the robotics and computer science that contribute to the contemporary world of flying. By engaging with the latest science and technology that moves flight forward, we'll be able to appreciate the power and privilege of flying.‍


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Aerobatics at the Truckee, California airshow

Aviation Controls

The science of aerodynamics is a very complicated subject to understand for the average person, just like most sciences. The majority of aviation control comes from aerodynamics which is the major for ...

Flying pterodactyl over the sky

Did Pterodactyls Have Challenges With Aerodynamic Flight Flutter - What Was Evolution's Solution?

Flight flutter kills, especially when an aircraft is low and slow, or traveling at a high rate of speed ready to rip apart. What's it like, it's like experiencing chaos in its most natural form. If yo ...

Light aircraft body part, workshop. Production of an airplane.

Aircraft Structural Components

The major aircraft structural components are wings, fuselage, and empennage. The primary flight control surfaces, located on the wings and empennage, are ailerons, elevators, and rudder. These parts a ...

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Fast spinning hollow point bullet heading toward the viewer

How About a Spinning Fuselage for a Hypersonic Piloted Craft?

Stability is a really tough design problem for a hypersonic aircraft within the Earth's atmosphere, a vehicle traveling four to five times the speed of a bullet. A bullet inherently is stable partly b ...

Excited photographers are filming of the unique moment of old planes racing and landing of the winner

The History of Aviation - From the Wright Brothers to Lockheed Martin

Considering the popularity of the subject of the history of aviation, it is not surprising that so many individuals give the topic so much attention. While the first individuals to actually achieve fl ...

B-1B Lancer Bomber - Aft wing settings are used in high subsonic and supersonic flight, enhancing the B-1's performance.

Aircraft Design of Structures and Wings

An aircraft flying through the air generates pressure waves, which move at the speed of sound. At speeds below the local speed of sound these pressure waves warn the oncoming air that the aircraft is ...

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Businesswoman with fear of flying sitting in private jet with her head down and hands on the back of her neck

Control the Fear of Flying

Want to learn to control the fear of flying and that anxiety you feel each time you get on an airplane? Well next time you get a panic attack there's something all around you that you are probably not ...

Snapshots of travel destinations on wooden background

Mountain Retreats, Beaches, or Big Cities - How to Pick the Right Vacation Experience

With the end of the year and the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself with lots of available time you need to take off from work. Since the cost of travel is falling rapidly, your c ...

Close-up and selective focus of Adventure word in a dictionary with partial definition.

A Definition of an Adventure Tour

Many people dream of having amazing adventures like one might see in the movies. Other vacationers decide to vacation at the same unadventurous location. If you are looking for a change from the ordin ...

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