The History and the Uses of Jet Fuel

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The History and the Uses of Jet Fuel

Jet fuel only placard on the aircraft wing

The History and the Uses of Jet Fuel

The History and the Uses of Jet Fuel

By Chanon Boonyindee

Over the past centuries, aviation has become one of the most developed inventions. Aviation had also become one of the most important forms of transport. Without aviation, we would not be able to travel across the globe for a short period. We would still rely on ships to travel, which is time-consuming and not efficient. However, the development of the aviation industries also leads to the elaboration of a new type of fuel. This new kind of fuel was focused mainly on air transport, and it is another vital item to all planes. All aircraft use a type of fuel known as jet fuel or aviation fuel. Without aviation grade fuel, planes would have no source of fuel to power the powerful jet turbine engine that would generate lift and other electrical power for the aircraft.

As plane engines get more complicated, they would require more sophisticated types of fuel to power the engines more efficiently. Common gasoline was not ideal for planes. At the dawn of aviation, most planes have a small, simple engine that powered automobiles. However, simple gasoline was not the best fuel for the powerful engines used by piston-driven airplanes that were developed in the 1930s and 1940s. Simple gasoline was not as efficient, and it did not have a high-octane rating. All types of fuel have a benchmark rating. The benchmark was its level of octane. The higher the amounts of octane allow a powerful piston engine to burn its fuel efficiently. During, the Jet age, the newly invented jet engine does not require a type of fuel that vaporized as easy as before. Instead of using old gasoline, they turn to a mixture of Kerosene and Gasoline. This first type of jet fuel was known as JP-1. Later on, there was a newly developed JP-8, they used this one type of fuel because it had a higher combustion rate and was less carcinogenic. All jet fuels only have a requirement that all types of aviation fuels would not ignite at low temperature, to prevent any fire accidents.

In the commercial plane businesses, they use jet a fuel. Jet a grade fuel is pure kerosene, and it has a flash-point of 49 degrees centigrade. Jet a fuel is a high-quality fuel. If jet a fails the purity and other quality tests for use on jet aircraft, it is sold to ground-based users that have less demanding requirements. Commercial jet fuel as well as military jet fuel often includes anti-freeze to prevent ice buildup inside the fuel tanks. Having ice build up in fuel tanks is one of the last things a pilot could wish for during their flight. In today's market, jet fuel cost around 0.95 cents per gallon. Jet fuel is cheaper than petrol as it is pure kerosene and commercial airlines buy them in bulk, making the price cheaper. Before jet fuel can become usable kerosene has to be extracted from crude oil and purify so it will burn cleanly in jet engines. After extraction is completed, the chemist must figure out the blend of kerosene and gasoline to make the fuel as efficient as possible, and keeps the engine from unnecessary misfires.

In conclusion, the introduction of Jet fuel changed the face of the aviation industries. Without aviation grade, fuel air fares would cost more because they would have to use petrol to run the engines. The uses of jet fuel are also more efficient for planes as they were designed for the job.


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Chanon Boonyindee

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