Napo Valley – An Ultimate South American Rafting Trip

Whatever you thought rafting was before, you should necessarily change your conception of it when rafting in Ecuador. Rafting isn’t just about doing sport; it also means experiencing the magnificence of nature at its greatest. Being challenged by powerful rivers is not the only reason to take this adventure; it is also the search for breathtaking surroundings. That’s why the Amazon Rainforest Region offers one of the best rafting hotspots ever discovered: The Napo Valley.

Home to three main rivers -the Anzu, the Jatunyacu and the Misahualli-, The Napo Valley offers an amazing jungle landscape that combines an abundant wildlife, crystalline waters and native indigenous lifestyle. Let its rivers show you the way to one of South America’s ultimate rafting experiences.

The Anzu River – Class: ll and lll; Length: 16km (9.9mi)

The Anzu River is the perfect place for those looking for a soft adventure together with spectacular jungle scenery. This relaxing river, which goes through small rapids and relaxing ponds, offers you the opportunity to practice rafting while appreciating the beautiful landscape. While traveling along the river, you will be able to take a glimpse at the daily life of the local inhabitants that live along the shore in small bamboo and wood houses, as well as a variety of birds such as kingfishers, egrets, yellow-rumped caciques and green tangaras.

The Jatunyacu River (Upper Napo) – Class: lll+ and lV; Length: 25km (15.5mi)

Located inside the Llanganates National Park, an area declared a Biosphere Zone by the United Nations, the Jatunyacu River or “Upper Napo” is one of the two major sources that feed the Amazon River. It is considered Ecuador’s best one-day rafting run, as it is all that you could ask for a river rafting experience. Its name meaning “big water”, this river carries a great amount of clear water through a perfect combination of exciting rapids, peaceful pools and exuberant jungle. Although it is best for rafting between March and October, Jatunyacu can be rafted all year long.

The Misahualli River – Class: IV and V+; Length: 23Km (14.2mi)

This is Napo Valley’s most challenging rafting, recommended only for those in good physical shape. Nestled in a deep and charming canyon surrounded with lush virgin jungles and sparkling waterfalls, the Misahualli River is undoubtedly the gem of the region, an extraordinary river of magical beauty. The highlights of this trip are the amazing 10 meter (32.8ft) high, impressive Casanova Falls; and the legendary “Land of the Giants”, one the largest rapids rafted in Ecuador. Usually the river can only be rafted from mid-October to mid-March, given that the rest of the year it remains much higher.

Ecuador’s tourism slogan, “Life at its Purest”, can be confirmed by these rivers and their exceptional landscapes of dense vegetation and wilderness sounds. The Napo Valley provides traveling easiness to visitors and offers various alternatives to combine up to 5 days of rafting trips, jungle excursions and camping expeditions along the river, everything you need to ensure it will be an unforgettable trip.

Ecuador is a diverse and surprising destination with beautiful landscapes and an unprecedented biodiversity, making it one of the most magical places on earth. A sustainable, diverse, surprising, beautiful and unique paradise in Latin America worth knowing [].

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