Family Vacation Adventures at Japan's Snow Festivals

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Family Vacation Adventures at Japan's Snow Festivals

Snow sculpture of Japanese animation family at Snow Festival in Sapporo Hokkaido Japan

Family Vacation Adventures at Japan's Snow Festivals

Family Vacation Adventures at Japan's Snow Festivals

By Sylvia Arad

It is very hard to talk about Japan's northernmost prefecture (its states or provinces) of Hokkaido without first thinking of the city of Sapporo. It is, after all, the fourth largest city in the country. Yet if you look beyond this grand city, you'll find a side to Hokkaido that you might never know existed, that extends way beyond the dog breed of the same name.

For the most part, you're best off starting in Sapporo-the city that was the first Asian country to host an International Olympic Games back in 1972. That means the city is snowy enough to enjoy during the winter months, as well as the warmer ones.

However, it is the winter that brings (literally) millions of people to town for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival every February. This 50-plus year old festival is so big it warrants its own museum, the Snow Festival Museum.

Nothing like a nice beer to warm you up (with average winter temps in the 20s F, you'll need something), so next up it's over to the Sapporo Brewery-a beer so good that warrants its own museum, too.

So far you can play great, drink great, and you can even drink great in Sapporo. This is home to spicy Ramen dishes, known as Miso Ramen. You won't find any fresher seafood than right here, either; so try the crabs if you can.

More eating is on the agenda if you venture outside of Sapporo in Hokkaido. Another great place to eat is Kamikawa, a town in near the Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest one in the entire country. This place prides itself on its Ramen, especially the spicy variety.

If you haven't come to eat, then perhaps you've come to see the Sōunkyō gorges, mountainous peaks of thouands-of-year-old volcanoes that created the landscape, and soak in the onsen-or hot springs. There are also over 100 waterfalls found within the region; and this, too, has the fantastic winter festival known as the Sōunkyō Hyōbaku Festival, full of the most gorgeous ice sculptures.

And speaking of volcanoes, the Kuril Islands (which are part of Hokkaido) stretch for 810 miles; an archipelago of 100 volcanoes, forty of which are still quite active. Sweet, seismic activity-talk about living on the edge.

Hokkaido is easy enough to get to, connected by bus and rail and even an airport in Sapporo; an underground tunnel will even get you here from the country's largest island of Honshu-making Sapporo and beyond easily accessible from Kyoto and Nara, so everyone gets to enjoy it; and doesn't that make for a truly wonderful vacation...

I'm a trip consultant, planner and manager who loves creating unique intercultural adventures for families. I want to impart information, tips and personal experiences especially related to family adventure travel. Please contact me to help you in planning your travel adventure.

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Sylvia Arad

Sylvia is a trip consultant, planner and manager who creates unique intercultural adventures for families and loves to impart information, tips and personal experiences especially related to family adventure travel.

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