How To Keep Your Child Entertained On Flights

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How To Keep Your Child Entertained On Flights

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How To Keep Your Child Entertained On Flights

How To Keep Your Child Entertained On Flights

By David I Bester

As much as children enjoy travelling to other places, it cannot be helped that there are instances where they experience boredom during the trip (and some end up throwing tantrums). When this happens, adult travelers are often stressed during their airplane flights just trying to placate kids. This can be an unfortunate circumstance for vacationers since they cannot completely enjoy the beautiful spots in the place they are visiting. Here are some ways on how to keep children entertained and happy whenever they are boarding an airplane to another destination.

Choosing the appropriate flight seat can have an impact to the child's contentment during the flight. Most of the time, children are excited to ride airplanes since they are interested to experience flying. Window seats can grab the attention of the children, thus, lessening their tendencies to have tantrums. It is recommended to choose window seats where kids can peek in windows and view sceneries from an aerial perspective. For travelers who have more than one child, it is a best practice to divide time so that every child can have the opportunity to sit by the window side.

For travelers who have younger kids (aged from 1 to 3), it is recommended to choose the bulkhead. When they are in the bulkhead, parents can let their children play in the extra space when the airplane already maintained its airborne position. However, parents should ensure that they always have their eyes on their child in order to prevent them from running and playing in the aisle.

When children that are being potty trained are brought during a flight, it is best to choose seats that are close to the plane's lavatory. Being in close proximity to the restroom will be really helpful for the parents and the child whenever an emergency occurs.

For parents, it is recommended to let the children play and get exhausted prior to boarding the plane so that they will snooze during the flight. There are several airports which set aside an enclosed area where toddlers and children can play before flight departure. If it will be a long travel, it is suggested to book an evening flight so that children can sleep during significant portion of the plane ride.

During flights, it will be also helpful if parents will talk to their children about what kind of behavior they expect from them during the entire vacation. Parents should be able to properly expound the reason behind the expectations and how to behave properly. Parents are encouraged to use reward system with their children: prizes for good behaviors and mild punishments for any misdemeanor.

Entertaining children during the whole flight will be slightly easier through the use of toys, gadgets and other novelty items. It is recommended to let children play handheld electronic games or watch movies in a portable DVD player. For families who are in a tighter spending budget, recreational activities such as coloring books, card games, puzzle books, pencils and crayons. These activities help children get preoccupied and enjoy the whole flight without being subjected to any fit of temper.

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David I Bester

The author is a South African male with an interest in finance and marketing. He is also a musician that plays in several projects as a hobby

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