How to Make Your Family Mountain Vacation Memorable

How to Make Your Family Mountain Vacation Memorable

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How to Make Your Family Mountain Vacation Memorable

How to Make Your Family Mountain Vacation Memorable

By Arlene Cuares

Planning family mountain vacations is one of the best ways to keep family members connect with each other, especially if they are living separately from each other. Gatherings like these will keep them updated about what's happening in the family like news about weddings, graduations, accomplishments, or new additions to the family. When family members are now living on their own, a family vacation is so much better than just a phone call or seasonal cards which may be their only forms of communication.  

When family members live so far apart from each other, they don't usually have the chance to get together except during family vacations once or twice a year. With every one so very busy and the physical distance of the family members, it is crucial to plan a family vacation well in advance. If you are planning on taking a family mountain vacation, there are useful tips that can really make your family vacation a very memorable one.

Consider the location from all angles keeping in mind the safety and comfort of older and younger family members alike. It is important to choose the location that the older ones can appreciate and enjoy as well as for the younger ones to have some fun.

Know what to put in your pack before you set off for your family mountain vacation. You may not want to burn your nose and cheeks while you're on the slopes or just walking around in town so be sure to carry with you a hat. A brimmed hat can effectively deflect the harmful rays of the sun from your face and give you shade from the heat of the summer sun. Bring with you sunscreen protections like heavy-duty sunscreen lotions of at least SPF 25 and eyewear that block the sun's harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin and eyes.  Make sure your eyewear has good UVA- and UVB-blocking capability.

Watch what you wear, especially if you are going to be spending most of your mountain vacation out on the slopes or doing something athletic. Invest in a water-wicking base garments that absorb sweat and wick it away from your skin.  These polypropylene-based garments make movement easier and more comfortable and they no longer come in store with a high price. A cotton-based garment for this type of outdoor activity is not recommended.  

Drink lots of water and be sure to bring with you an extra bottle during your trek to the mountains. Your body needs, though it doesn't always crave, for more liquids especially if you are in high altitude. It is very necessary that you replenish moisture your body loses through sweating. You can also save yourself from experiencing altitude sickness by drinking lots of water.

When planning your family mountain vacation, do not rely solely on weather forecasts. Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather. You do not want a not-so-friendly weather to ruin your family vacation so always pack prepared for varied elements and know the rules of mountain travel.

You can have the best family mountain vacation that your family members will cherish the memory forever. Together with the whole family, pick out the best location, come prepared, and you will soon realize that a family mountain vacation can be a real paradise on earth.

Are you planning to take your family to the best family mountain vacation they could ever have? Check out and let the family fun begins.

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Arlene Cuares

Arlene T. Cuares is a proud WAHM, a doting mom to her four wonderful kids and a loving and dutiful wife to the best husband there is. She is a web writer and has written articles on various topics.

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