Dawson's Game and Trout Lodge - Mpumalanga's Exceptional Mountain Retreat

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Dawson's Game and Trout Lodge - Mpumalanga's Exceptional Mountain Retreat

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge in Mpumalanga Mountains of South Africa

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge - Mpumalangas Exceptional Mountain Retreat

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge - Mpumalangas Exceptional Mountain Retreat

By Rob Atherton

Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge lies close to Badplaas around 4 hours out of Joburg in an incredible setting surrounded by hillsides as well as a trout lake. As well as the Lodge, there is also a cottage next to the trout lake which is great for anybody who wants to catch trout. Many of our friends remained at the Lodge whilst I stayed down at the thatched roof stone cottage. It is a self-catering unit that is well equipped and also has satellite television. The size and style makes it perfect for a family group of four or 5 people who would like their own living space.

We got here late afternoon so there was not long to anything after check-in prior to supper was ready. Just before dinner, we had been invited to watch the cook show us the way to prepare a fish which even if I am not a fish eater, it was quite interesting. Its always astounding how easy professionals make their job look.

Similar to everywhere we stayed, the food was wonderful and the entire group dined together on a single long table that added to the ambiance.

The next day after a pretty good breakfast, there was an opportunity to indulge in many activities including archery, quad bikes and horse riding but most of us thought we would take the chance to sleep in a little longer than we had been able to all week. I had got up early to try and get some photos as the dawn broke. It is an awesome sight in the African wilderness to rise as it gets light and to see the shadows thrown by the mountains retreat as the sunlight advances. The morning mist soon vanished and a superb blue sky was rapidly in its place.

Sadly there was not much time to enjoy everything at Dawsons Lodge but you will find a good amount of activities which include bird watching, game viewing (no predators), fly fishing, hiking and walking, horseback safaris, archery, clay pigeon shooting and quad biking. Dawsons Lodge is additionally an excellent location for weddings where the happy couple can rest following their wedding day in the spa and wellness facilities. If you plan to see Mpumalanga, Dawsons Lodge is a remarkable place to take it easy.

Rob Atherton

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Rob Atherton

The world is full of fascinating places. Everywhere has its own story to tell and I'm trying to do my part with my articles and blogs.

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