Discover a Mountain Retreat at Da Lat Vietnam

Nestled at high altitudes within the Lang Biang highlands, a section of  the central highlands of Vietnam, the mountain town of Da Lat will charm you with its warm weather, pine-adorned hilltops and mysterious mists. The town will further delight you with its colonial buildings, bustling market and scenic bike paths. Indeed Da Lat is quite unique compared to your typical Vietnamese town. That is why it is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in this particular Southeast Asian country.

When you reach Da Lat, you will immediately experience a fairly strong French influence. This is not surprising as these European colonists treated Da Lat as a place of relaxation and retreat because of its more secluded location and consistent climate. In the climate it is often referred to as the “Eternal Spring”. Several hotels and homes here were built in French architectural style during the colonization period.

Some of the French-influenced buildings in the town include the Hang Nga guest house, dubbed as the “Crazy House” and the Dalat Railway Station. There is even a radio mast structure in town that is shaped like the Eiffel Tower. You will also spot some independent artists all around town who are eager to show you their work and happy to talk about their bohemian lifestyle.

At the heart of town likes Xuan Huong Lake, also called Lake of Sorrow. If you head out to the local market, your senses will be teased by colorful flowers like hydrangeas, vegetables, silk and traditional dresses. While here, grab the opportunity to try out famous local products like dried fruits, avocado and delicious strawberry jam.

The town proper is not the only thing that lures visitors to this side of the country as Da Lat is the perfect gateway to some of the spectacular attractions in the region.  Its countryside is surrounded by waterfalls, lush forests, gardens and lakes. There are numerous ways of truly experiencing Da Lat’s beautiful landscape. There are many tour operators in town that can organize guided activities like white water rafting,  canyoning, hiking and mountain biking.

If you head to the north, you will encounter serene Lak Lake, populated by lovely minority villages. One of the unique experiences you can have while here is observing the distinct lifestyle of the tribal people. A common sighting in the area is hill-tribe women carrying babies on their backs with the aid of a piece of cloth, which is tied in the front and strapped on one shoulder.

Just 5 kilometers northeast of Da Lat is a place called Valley of Love, on Ho Xuan Huong Road. Here, you will find Lang Biang Mountain, whose peak rises to 1900 meters above sea level. Lang Biang has become a popular spot for hiking among outdoor enthusiasts and serious trekkers. Trekking to the top of this mountain takes about 3 hours. When you go further out, specifically 10 kilometers from town, the magnificent Pren Falls awaits. And if you cannot get enough of the gorgeous cascades and don’t mind a longer trip, then arrange an excursion that will take you 30 kilometers south of Da Lat to the biggest and widest waterfalls in the country – Pongour Falls.

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