Elegance in an Alpine Setting – Vigilius Mountain Resort

One of the world’s best mountain resorts is elegantly rooted amidst hundred year old larch trees and natural springs atop a lush mountain peak. In Italy’s South Tyrol, Vigilius Mountain Resort is accessible only by foot or by cable car. Situated in pristine, car-free mountain scenery close to the spa town of Merano, the resort features breathtaking views of the Alps and Dolomites and combines mountain adventure with a haven of tranquility and relaxation.

From its beginnings, Vigilius Mountain Resort has been committed to the preservation of nature and ecological conservation. Built to blend into its surroundings, this exceptional mountain “island” is built from wood and utilizes natural local resources such as clay, glass and stone. Enhanced by warm hues proffering a sense of quiet and coziness, this contemporary resort immerses its guests in a natural lifestyle.

Panoramic windows in spacious accommodations provide unobstructed, awe-inspiring views of the South Tyrolean mountains and the fresh fragrance of wood pervades. Vital Vigiljoch spring waters flow from the mountains and 14 natural springs are spread over a 12 hectare area, providing healing baths, natural drinking water and drinking cures utilized in the region for over 80 years.

In the afternoons, the panoramic Ultimo Terrace provides infinite views of splendid sunsets to the back drop of the Alps. After dinner, guests gather round the fireplace in the intimate living room while the library provides volumes of books and games for self-entertainment. The cuisine is natural and outstanding with seasonal fruits and vegetables, local meat, poultry and fresh fish lightly prepared by the culinary team. The typical South Tyrolian restaurant serves genuine traditional regional delicacies, and in the afternoons, home-baked cakes are served.

Natural adventure opportunities take in mountain biking, hiking, Nordic walking and slack lining. Winter adventures include skiing, snowshoe hiking and tobogganing. On site, more relaxing pursuits – Bocce, archery, Pilates, yoga and much more – are on offer. And the resort’s extensive spa treatments revitalize and energize tired souls. In addition, private guides and trainers are available on request.

The open ambiance of the Vigilius Mountain Resort is modeled around its natural environs. This is a place where nature takes over and the “everyday” is left behind. At an altitude of 1500 m., neither traffic nor noise disturb the natural scenery of mountains all around, of gushing mineral springs, the all-encompassing scent of larch and fir and the fresh mountain air.

Designed to invigorate and re-energize, the resort brings together the tranquil atmosphere of its mountain setting with an active adventure vacation. Nature sets the tone here – outside as well as indoors.

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