Enjoying The Mountain Wilderness In Every Season

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Enjoying The Mountain Wilderness In Every Season

Maroon Bells lake in fall foliage after snow storm in Colorado

Enjoying The Mountain Wilderness In Every Season

Enjoying The Mountain Wilderness In Every Season

By Walter Oshea

It's not every day where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the mountain wilderness with nothing to disturb you. Whether you are on a vacation or a brief weekend outing, you want to make the most of your time in these serene outdoor surroundings besides listening to bird song and watching the bees fly by.

By finding ways to enjoy the mountain wilderness a few times a year in different ways can keep you both entertained as well as fit. Before you enter the area, always make sure you carry maps and know your location if you are not using designated camping grounds or if there are no marked trails. You'll want to make sure you've got water, a cell phone with a GPS, a first aid kit and some flares in case you get lost or injured.

Fall Foliage-

With Autumn's changing leaves, Fall is a great time to relax in the outdoor surroundings while looking at the colorful foliage. When you hike and bike on the trails with your family, you'll love taking amazing pictures of the scenes you'll come across. You can also have fun mountain climbing before the weather starts to become too harsh.

Winter Wonderland-

Don't avoid the mountains and forest when the snow starts to fall Even when the snow starts to fall, don't abandon your mountain retreat because you'll miss the best part. Winter is a great time to break out the skis and snowshoes. The trails you went hiking on during the summer become amazing cross country ski slopes or snow board lanes. These outdoor activities can fight off the cabin fever as well as help you lose those holiday pounds as you keep in shape year-round.

To take your fun to the next level, try running the trails with snowmobiles to really invigorate your senses. Keep to the trails marked for snowmobiles or share trails with other outdoor enthusiasts while driving safely.

Spring Into Fun-

For a truly amazing experience and for a great time to relax for everyone in the family, Spring is perfect. Camping is a great bonding experience where you can laugh and share stories with the family. Take time to explore the mountains as they are reborn in the Spring and maximize the bonding time with your family at the same time. Spring is also a great season to get your fishing line in the water. Find a quiet dock by the lake or a rushing stream filled with spawning fish. Take out your rod and reel to catch the whale of a fish that you will brag about to family and friends.

Beat The Summer Heat-

Cool off from the summer heat by enjoying your outdoor surroundings in the mountain wilderness. You'll find it several degrees cooler from the cramped buildings in the city and can always find a watery spot to soak your feet. Find a pond or stream to engage in a bit of swimming. If you are looking for some adventure, you can go on a kayaking tour down the river or have some fun doing white water rafting.

Enjoy The Outdoors-

To tell the truth, it really doesn't matter what season you want to experience the mountain wilderness because you'll always have fun. Breath in the fresh air and have a relaxing time with your family. Don't be afraid to try new activities that you may enjoy.

Colorado River rafting is one of the best ways to enjoy the mountain wilderness. When it comes to Colorado rafting, Walter Oshea prefers Breckenridge rafting above all other options.

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Walter Oshea

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