A Tropical Island Vacation With Great Nightlife

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A Tropical Island Vacation With Great Nightlife

People having fun splashing at a night party in the pool.

A Tropical Island Vacation With Great Nightlife

A Tropical Island Vacation With Great Nightlife

By Aimee Bost-John

Some people might look for complete solitude during a tropical island vacation to get away from it all, but no matter how blissful beach holidays can be, some long for great night life as well.

For those of you who wish to go to an island where there are also some exciting night life activities, check out this list of 5 of the world's top tropical destinations where you can sunbathe by day and party by night.

Ibiza, Spain

This is The Place to go for the best night life and party scenes. From its bars, to its clubs, to its fun-loving people, Ibiza has long been the world's best destination for parties and more parties.

So what do you do in Ibiza? First, remember that there's always something new going on. So know first what's hot for the day or the week you're visiting and make sure you make the best of any event in town.

If you'd rather not do this research and prefer to be spontaneous, then just go to any of its many clubs and you're practically guaranteed a great night out.

True to almost every night hangout in Spain, life doesn't really start until the bell strikes 12! So make sure you get a siesta in  because with everything that Ibiza offers, that's about the only sleep you'll get!

Phuket Thailand

The exotic splendors of Bangkok's palaces may not grace Phuket, but if you want to be by the beach all day and party all night in Siam, then Phuket is a great place to be.

For those who really want to party, Patong is where the island's bars, clubs and discotheques are. If you've got the kids with you, you might also want to visit Phuket  Fantasea on Kamala Beach, which is the islands version of a festival and cultural event -a place to sample Thai theater, eat great Thai food, play games, and go shopping.

On the other hand, if you want to go some place a bit tamer, Karon Beach is an excellent place for restaurants with some good food and great cocktails .  And if you want a classier and MUCH quieter ambiance, go to Bangtao bay.

Negril, Jamaica

Relieve the lifestyle of the 60's as well as immerse yourself in exotic Jamaican culture when you go for a tropical island vacation in Negril.

Night activities in Negril are really laid-back island living but fun. There are usually no schedules, no fixed time, no fixed place. You literally just have to follow the music and that's where the action is going to be for the night--a night of dancing, reggae appreciation, drinking and great conversations.

Sydney, Australia

If you want the feel of a big cosmopolitan city at night yet be lounging on the beach by day, we recommend a tropical island vacation in Sydney where you'll never run out of things to do.

For a bit of the arts and a wonderful experience know what shows are on in the Sydney Opera House Theater. Or if you go there in the summer, the acclaimed Sydney Festival is one cultural event not to be missed.

For a bit of local lifestyle on the other hand, check out the bars and clubs that locals frequent. There are many tour companies that offer night tours for this purpose which you might want to take part in if you want to know Sydney's secret night hideaways.

Nassau, Bahamas

This is a popular destination for night revelers and it's very easy to see why---Nassau could easily be described as the Caribbean's nightlife capital.

There are first of all, the casinos that thrill-seekers frequent. These casinos come with all the fun and excitement that even people who do not play will find very interesting.

Then there are the discotheques and clubs where you can experience the Bahamians love for life and fun on the dance floor. There are also cultural shows for those who want something a bit more sedate.

A tropical island vacation in Nassau will undoubtedly give you 24 hours of fun on your island holidays in the Caribbean.

Aimee C. Barnard lives for tropical holidays under the sun. To read more about her travel experiences and island getaway tips, go to http://www.tropical-island-vacation.net/index.html

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Aimee Bost-John

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