Vacations the Perfect Time to Join the Party

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Vacations the Perfect Time to Join the Party

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Vacations the Perfect Time to Join the Party

Vacations the Perfect Time to Join the Party

By Alice Lane

Vacation is a time to relax, a time to spend time with family, and a time to see sights that you don't get to see in your daily life. But it's also time to let your hair hang down and have a good time. When you're on vacation, you can party all day and all night and don't have to worry about getting up for work the next day. Of course your best family vacations probably don't have a whole lot of partying in them, but you may want to party until the sun comes up if you find yourself on vacation with your friends or other couples. And while everyone has a different definition of partying, that's the beauty of it all. One person may love dancing while another just wants a quiet pub with a great beer list and a dark booth to talk with friends. A great vacation destination will have a little something for everyone to make sure nobody goes home without having a good time.

Since everyone has a different definition of exactly what constitutes a party, many resorts have decided to provide all sorts of alternatives. Some of those on all inclusive holidays will be thrilled to learn their resort has booked hilarious comedians or musical acts. For some, seeing live entertainment is a great chance to feel like they're actually a part of the show. For others, a great nightclub with a great DJ is all they need. Of course, the nightclub should be open until all hours of the night (or never close?), but that shouldn't be a problem. If the nightclub is part of a resort, drinks may be included. For some partiers, that's extremely important. Not having to break your wallet out every time you want a drink-or when you want to buy one for a newfound friend-is extremely important.

While comedians, musical acts, and nightclubs are things you can likely get at home, you probably can't import the local flavor of your vacation to wherever you live. That's why many want to see a steel drum show when they stay at any one of the great Jamaica resorts or attend a luau when they go to Hawaii. Many times you'll get a confluence of great food, music, and drinks at such an event, so you get a chance to take in as many new things as possible. After all, if you've traveled far to get somewhere, you might as well see what that place has to offer that's different from where you came, right? It's the local culture, customs, and flavor that you'll remember, so make sure a little of your partying incorporates the location you're in.

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Alice Lane

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