Relaxation & Renewal

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Relaxation & Renewal

What do you do to relax? Why not be pampered in an ultra-luxury spa at a high-end resort with outdoor treatment rooms in a tropical setting? What about a stay in an overwater cabana with an outdoor shower or a villa with a private treatment room? Would you prefer to stay on an Italian island in a room with a private garden and heated outdoor swimming pool? Simply... relaaaaaax...

Relaxing quote - Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. With blurry legs of young woman sitting alone on the beach, watching morning sunrise over the sea

Relax... 700+ Best Relaxing Quotes About Relaxation

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate, and tell a story succinctly. Relax and enjoy these 700+ Relaxing Quotes. The best quotes about Relaxation can be absorbed and meditated on by everyone! ...

Happy woman enjoying warm tropical rain falling on her on infinity pool with a jungle view in Ubud, Bali

The Natural Choice for Your Retreat - Ubud Bali

A little piece of paradise called Ubud is a sanctuary located within the alluring mountains of Bali tucked away from the bustling tourists. Boosting rich heritage and history, Ubud is known as Bali's ...

Tiger Cave Buddha in Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand with sunrise view overlooking the clouds below

Krabi - Nature's Abode and a Traveller's Dream

The town of Krabi sits magically amidst impossibly jutting out angular limestone towers from the surrounding mangroves. It is a quirky and petite town situated in the calm southern region of Thailand ...

Amazing view of an old bridge with a woman sitting in the middle enjoying the autumn forest in Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria

My Detox and Relaxation Week at a Mountain Retreat

In between assignments and feeling a bit sluggish, I browsed apathetically at endless pages of spa resorts, hippy dippy places of spirituality and numerous health hotels or exercise regimes cunningly ...

Back view of group of young people stretching with instructor during class at summer yoga retreat camp to keep fit and healthy

Find a Yoga Retreat and Have Healthy Fun

Yoga retreats provide an excellent opportunity for healthy fun and adventure. Learn about the types of retreats, what the advantages are and how to expand your yoga practice as a teacher through yoga ...

Smiling business man with office on the beach reading a newspaper

Relaxing Vacations For the Workaholic - How to Enjoy Time Off Even If You Hate to Leave the Office

For a workaholic, breaking away from work to take a vacation can be difficult, and even while on vacation, it can be a real struggle to really relax. But vacations are important and can be helpful, wh ...

Relaxed woman with wine enjoying the sunset in hot tub jacuzzi at a luxury spa retreat in Santorini, Greece

Pamper Yourself With a Luxury Destination Spa Getaway Vacation

Destination luxury spas resorts all over the world offer getaways that fit both your relaxation and entertainment needs. These days luxury destination spay getaways are much more than visiting the mas ...

Luxury Thai massage room with imitation of starry sky

Choosing The Right Luxury Spa Hotel

A luxury spa hotel is the ideal place to visit when you need some r and r. You need to take into consideration a number of factors when choosing the right hotel for you. This article helps explain wha ...

Two men relax, talk, and drink beers at bonfire in the woods.

Men's Retreats - If They're Done Right, They're Powerful

There's a stereotype about men that, if true, is only partly true. In a recent children's film, the main male character tells his wife, "For guys, a punch in the shoulder is like six months of therapy ...

A close up view on a smoldering camp fire as blurry people are seen in deep meditation and prayer in the background during a mindful forest retreat.

What Is A Meditation Retreat?

If you are interested in learning how to meditate or deepen your practice a short stay at a meditation retreat provides you with the ideal space and environment to practice meditation. In this article ...

Businesswoman with fear of flying sitting in private jet with her head down and hands on the back of her neck

Control the Fear of Flying

Want to learn to control the fear of flying and that anxiety you feel each time you get on an airplane? Well next time you get a panic attack there's something all around you that you are probably not ...

Yoga at sunrise alone near a pagoda overlooking the sea

Yoga Travel - Resource For Yoga Vacations and Retreats

Yoga travel vacations are an amazing way to merge two of life's most wonderful gifts, yoga and travel. Imagine a vacation characterized by the calm and serenity of a savasana after an exhilarating yog ...

Handwriting text Reduce Stress. Conceptual photo to relieve the tension and engage in quality lifestyle.

Managing Your Travel Stress

It starts like this: You get the last-minute call to make the presentation at the branch office. Your flight leaves at 4:30 p.m. and you start packing at 3 p.m. You feel your body tense and your breat ...

Two glasses of red wine on a railing of a river cruise boat in Paris

A French Barge Cruise - The Ultimate in Relaxation

A French barge cruise is described by many as the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. What makes it so special? ...

View of the Red Rock Landscape during a Spiritual Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, USA

How To Choose A Spiritual Retreat

Are you considering a spiritual retreat, but not sure how to find one that is right for you? Perhaps you are afraid you will spend your hard earned money on some worthless program created by a con art ...

Luxury beach spa resort, gorgeous white sunbeds near the pool with transparent blue water, perfect place for summer vacation in Cyprus

Spa Holiday in Cyprus

The island country of Cyprus attracts tourists from all across the globe. Visit this country to experience its pristine beaches and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Visit this country t ...

Ananta Spa and Resorts Hotel in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

India Spa Holidays - Experience of a Lifetime

India boasts of its cultural diversity. This is one country where every state has its own language, culture and tradition. It is one country which has received Mother Nature's gift in abundance. Be it ...

Health and beauty concept - woman in exotic spa salon on the Caribbean beach lying on the massage table

What to Expect on a Caribbean Spa Holiday

The first thing that pops in your mind when you hear of a Caribbean holiday are the pristine beaches by the cool blue water of the ocean. Hammocks tied to the palm trees while the strong winds sway it ...

Relaxation & Renewal

Relaxation & Renewal

What do you do to relax? Why not be pampered in an ultra-luxury spa at a high-end resort with outdoor treatment rooms in a tropical setting? What about a stay in an over water cabana with an outdoor s ...

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