Rarotonga - An Exotic Honeymoon Paradise

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Rarotonga - An Exotic Honeymoon Paradise

Honeymoon couple looks at the sunrise from a tropical pacific island beach in Muri lagoon in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Rarotonga - An Exotic Honeymoon Paradise

Rarotonga - An Exotic Honeymoon Paradise

By Jamie D Richardson

Rarotonga - a lush and volcanic paradise delight, fringed with a brilliant turquoise lagoon and powder soft white sand beaches lined with coconut palms. The perfect luxury honeymoon destination where peace and tranquility replace the bustle of everyday life and you can relax purely in each others' company. Luxury, intimacy and relaxation, a honeymoon on the Cook Islands is a recipe for romance.

Nestled on its own secluded white sandy beach on Rarotonga's south coast, Sea Change is the perfect romantic getaway. Each beachfront villa has been thoughtfully designed to ensure your complete privacy and luxury. Features include a king-sized four poster bed, a double head shower uniquely designed for two, a fully equipped designer kitchen and entertainment system with a flat-screen television. Honeymoons can relax in their own private swimming pool and gaze across the pristine beach and crystal waters which ripple invitingly a stone's throw from their villa.

Explore the varied and unique cuisine close to the Sea Change resort. From gourmet cuisine to friendly island style cafe restaurants, you are sure to find something to suit your mood. Fresh food is sourced from New Zealand as well as the local area and you can expect to see specialities such as swordfish, Marlin and a selection of exotic fruits. The popular Taramind House is located close to the Sea Change resort and offers quality food in a heritage colonial house overlooking the ocean. Alternatively, create your own South Pacific culinary delight to enjoy on your terrace and admire the sunset as you come to the end of another idyllic day in paradise.

If you fancy something a little more adventurous there are plenty of activities available on Rarotonga. The pristine waters are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling with little or no currents and an abundant array of marine wildlife. Rorotonga's greatest claim to diving is the visibility; it is possible to see the surface of the seabed through the crystal clear waters on any dive. Explore the different sides of the island, each have their distinctive dive environment with three dimensional terrains, plunging walls, and shallow outcrops all within easy distance of each other. Divers can expect to see plenty of fish in their natural environment ranging from colourful parrot fish, Wrasses, Lionfish, Grouper and Angelfish Surgeon. Look out for sharks, turtles and rays which frequent particular sites and you many even get a glimpse of the elusive humpback whale. For novices a dive course is available, and definitely worth it, as exploring the marine life is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Due to its size, the island is easily explored and scooters are available for honeymooners to discover the beautiful paradise for themselves. Nature tours are also available, choose from the across island walk and the discovery nature walk. Join experienced guide Pa as he leads you into the heart of the island through native trees and abundant undergrowth to discover waterfalls and pools. The tours are a great way of exploring the island and a great opportunity to take some fantastic photos together in the stunning landscape.

Jamie is an experienced travel writer and blogger and for more information on luxury honeymoons he recommends contacting Turquoise Holidays, experts in luxury travel

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Jamie D Richardson

I am an experiecned travel writer and guest blogger hailing from York in the UK. Passionate about sports of all kinds, technology, art and literature I love to contribute insightful and helpful content and hope you enjoy my articles.

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