The Ultimate Safari Adventures Begin in the Okavango Delta

The Ultimate Safari Adventures Begin in the Okavango Delta

Wild Elephants seen on a river during a canoe safari in the Moremi Game Reserve in Okavango Delta, Botswana.
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The Ultimate Safari Adventures Begin in the Okavango Delta

The Ultimate Safari Adventures Begin in the Okavango Delta

By Sylvia Arad

For scientists the Okavango Delta in Botswana might be seen as one of the largest inland deltas in the world. For the rest of us, the Okavango Delta is a flat land where water spreads out for some 15,000 square kilometers.

Doesn't sound very romantic, does it?

I'm not really sure if romance is the right word to use for the Okavango Delta. Exciting. Thrilling. A total adventure. Yes, these words could work.

The best time to experience the Okavango Delta is from June to August, as the last of the Angola Highland rains (all 11 trillion liters of it) have made their 1200km trek. The abundance of wildlife that comes to the Okavango during the winter is extraordinary, where you'll see many of the big game animals like elephants.

In fact, it gets really crowded here with animals--it's believed to triple its normal number of wild residents in just this short period of time. Much of the action takes place on the eastern side of the Okavango, in what's known as the Moremi Game Reserve.

The Moremi is just the perfect place to spend a few nights in some luxurious lodges with names like Oddballs (no, I'm not making that up). For a more rustic Bush experience, consider spending a few nights in a mobile camp--sleeping in dome tents with bucket showers. Ok, so you give up a few creature comforts to see real-life African creatures.

And there are a lot of them to find. It would take an entire lifetime to find all 500 species of birds, 71 species of fish, and 64 species of reptiles (like Nile Crocs). You'll need another lifetime to see all the giraffe, hippopotamus, wildebeest, warthog, lion, and cheetah.

Have I missed any? Of course, the Okavango Delta is home to leopard, hyena, antelope, and both the Black and White Rhino--certainly the animals you don't want to miss while out on safari.

Even better are the choices you have on what kind of safari you want to take. Just within the Moremi Game Reserve alone you've got the choice of a traditional game drive, but also taking a 4x4 off the beaten trail, one in a dugout canoe called a mokoro, or hiking. For experienced riders the chance to take a safari on horseback is exceptionally exciting.

For a slower pace, consider the Xakanaxa Lodge. The lodge may call them "tents", but this is pure luxury out on the African Bush with en-suite facilities with hot water, comfortable accommodations, and raised decks that overlook the best of Botswana's flora and fauna. They offer night drives to see many of the Delta's nocturnal creatures.

As the last days of winter in the Okavango Delta start to turn to spring, many of the animals that called Botswana home for the last few months decide to leave, spending their summers elsewhere.

Let's go see if we can find them together.

I'm a trip consultant, planner and manager who loves creating unique intercultural adventures for families. I want to impart information, tips and personal experiences especially related to family adventure travel. Please contact me to help you in planning your travel adventure.


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Sylvia Arad

Sylvia is a trip consultant, planner and manager who creates unique intercultural adventures for families and loves to impart information, tips and personal experiences especially related to family adventure travel.

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