What to Expect From a Luxury Safari

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What to Expect From a Luxury Safari

Inside view of luxurious African safari tent camp in Botswana

What to Expect From a Luxury Safari

What to Expect From a Luxury Safari

By Nicola Shepherd

The word 'luxury' is a subjective one. What is one person's idea of luxury is another person's idea of hell, especially on a safari. Happily, you can discover your idea of luxury right across the board, for those seeking the ultimate safari.

For some, a luxury safari will mean having a private, luxury tented mobile camp erected in the finest game viewing region in Africa, with your own private guide and vehicle. It will mean having just your chosen company surrounding you and spending the days with total freedom and exclusivity. It truly doesn't get better than this, no matter what your perspective of luxury is. For those wanting more frills, you will have Persian rugs next to your beautifully sprung beds, and candelabra and silver service for your meals beneath the African sky. You, without a shadow of doubt, will have the finest guides that the country can produce - giving you the ultimate safari. You might then like to have your own private villa or house on the coast, complete with superb staff who will see to your every whim. You will have a private boat and skipper, who will take you to different islands for you to explore, snorkel around, and from where you can scuba dive.

Other experiences might be obtaining the best that money can buy - such as going on an elephant back safari in Botswana. Here you spend the days exploring the Okavango Delta on elephant back where you can get so close to the wildlife because the scent of the human is masked by that of the elephant. The best luxury safari will give you exactly what you want, and more!

Another way of experiencing the best luxury African safari would be by having your own aircraft chartering you from place to place and you can also be supplied with the best guide pilots. A perfect case in point is on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, where you fly from camp to camp and your guides are the most knowledgeable people in the country. Here they bring this region to life for you, and it's a real, once in a lifetime safari that tops many charts!

For others seeking the more conventional use of the word, you can have your own beautiful lodges and houses that have been painstakingly decorated by the world's top interior designers, every curve and fabric you see will be pleasing to the eye. Perhaps a beautiful lodge that overlooks the ocean in Cape Town or Mozambique - or a magnificent lodge in Kenya which has 360 degree views over the African environment? Or a breathtaking lodge in the boughs of the trees in a primary forest where you can see gorillas or chimpanzees.

But, the best luxury safaris will be those that minimise any fuss in terms of travelling, give you your own space and freedom and provide you with the very best guiding in Africa. Why not start planning your own idea of a luxury safari today?

Luxury safaris are an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife in Africa in style. We organise the most amazing luxury safaris in Africa.

We are the only luxury travel company in Europe that is entirely owned and staffed by people who have spent their lives being brought up in Africa and India. We know, watch, and understand the seasons - something which cannot be gleaned on a 2-week research trip to a country.

With over 25 years' experience of tailor making the very best luxury safaris in Africa, contact us now to begin planning your dream safari.

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Nicola Shepherd

Nicola was born in Calcutta, India, where she spent the first part of her life before moving to Kenya and South Africa. She spent much of her time in the bush on safari with her family. She completed her diploma in viniculture and viticulture in South Africa, before moving to Botswana, where she assisted in the running of camps in the Okavango Delta. She spends three months of every year travelling and researching new properties and she is deeply involved in assisting a number of charities throughout Africa and India which she is passionate about. She is also very interested in birdlife, plantlife and most conservation issues! She is hoping to complete her degree in nature conservation - parenthood allowing! Nicola also enjoys flying.

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