6 Of the Best Resorts for Skiing in the Alps

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6 Of the Best Resorts for Skiing in the Alps

Ski resort in the valley at sunrise Les Menuires, France

6 Of the Best Resorts for Skiing in the Alps

6 Of the Best Resorts for Skiing in the Alps

By Danielle Hodges

Skiing in the Alps is a fun and rewarding experience for the avid winter sportsperson, from those just coming for a weekend to those planning a longer, more luxurious winter getaway.

The many excellent resorts in the French Alps have much to offer, but what resort best fits your needs? Here's a quick breakdown of six possibilities to help you find the one most suited to your needs.

1. Les Menuires - Located in the Belleville Valley, Les Menuires is the resort of choice for families who want a holiday skiing in the Alps. This family-friendly resort not only provides easy access to pistes, but also various spas, sports centres and snow vehicles to spice up the experience. It's a great first-choice when you want to experience as much of the region as you can.

2. La Tania - Those seeking a quieter, more laidback resort will find a lot to love in La Tania. Plenty of luxurious chalets offer prime accommodation, while the resort's location within the spruce forests of Courchevel makes it a hiker's delight. La Tania is still, of course, a ski resort at heart, offering plenty of great runs and superb access to pistes.

3. Les Arcs - Les Arcs is a resort built with one purpose in mind: skiing. The resort itself is composed of four villages - Arcs 1600, Arcs 1800, Arcs 2000 and the newer Arcs 1950. Each of the villages has something to offer, from a lively night scene to a more tranquil getaway. This makes Les Arcs perfect not just for skiing in the Alps, but also for experiencing a wide array of activities all rolled up in one package.

4. Peisey Vallandry - Skiers and boarders will take pleasure in the diversity of runs offered in Peisey Vallandry, located in Paradiski. The resort possesses a distinctly alpine feel, with a host of chocolate-box cottages and chalets, but its defining feature is its mixture of pistes - ranging from easily navigable blue runs to challenging black runs. Good restaurants and quiet bars help make it easy to relax in the evening after a hard day skiing in the Alps.

5. Tignes - If you're an experienced skier and have nothing else in mind except to test your mettle, the high-altitude resort of Tignes is a great option. The village is located at 2,100 meters (high enough in itself), but it also serves as a stepping-stone to the Grand Motte - located 3,455 metres above sea level. This is where the hard-core skiers go to get the best snow all year round.

6. Val d'Isere - Linked to the high-altitude resort of Tignes, this is another attractive choice for intermediate to advanced skiers. What makes Val d'Isere stand out from its counterparts, however, is the ambience, extensive accommodation options and rich nightlife. Hotel bars, cocktail lounges, sports halls, saunas, hot tubs, massage facilities, a skating rink - the facilities here are second to none.

Keep these resorts in mind and you'll be able to pick one to create truly unforgettable memories of skiing in the Alps for you and your family.

Danielle Hodges is the Marketing Manager for Ski Amis, a specialist ski travel agency and booking service offering bonded holidays skiing in the Alps, staying in a catered or self catered chalets in fantastic destinations. For a luxury or good-value break and the best catered chalets call Ski Amis.

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Danielle Hodges

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