Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

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Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

Winter at Hemsedal ski-resort, Norway

Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

By Andrew A. Francis

Skiing in Scandinavia may be less developed for the most part than the skiing in the Alps and elsewhere in Europe, but it is far to the north, which means you are almost guaranteed to find excellent snow and conditions. There is a long season this far north, and in some cases you can even ski in June, both day and bright-night. The prices are high in these countries, and après ski is perhaps best avoided or at least curtailed unless you have very deep pockets. But the ski passes themselves are often surprisingly affordable, and give access to some lovely uncrowded slopes. So why not consider a ski holiday in Scandinavia? Here are five excellent resorts to get you started on your research to find your perfect Scandinavian Ski holiday:

Hemsedal, Norway

Sometimes called the 'Chamonix of the North,' this resort is located in steep mountains which contrast sharply with the surrounding rolling hills. This ski resort is found three hours away from Oslo. It is an excellent bet for families, since there is a variety of skiing for beginners right through to those who feel truly in their element on the slopes, all packed into a fairly small area.

Geilo, Norway

This is a lovely, quiet ski resort, on the train line from Oslo to Bergen. It has fairly limited but sufficient facilities and though the number of runs is limited - there are only around 40 - the conditions and snow here are perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Voss, Norway

The hills may not be the highest here, but the snow is still excellent and plentiful throughout the season, and the views are spectacular. The ski resort is right on the edge of the fjords, and you can sit on the mountain and look out over the Vangsvatnet - a beautiful lake through which the Vosso River flows before it meets with the Bolstadfjorden, and thence the North Sea. You could also combine this ski trip with a visit to the historic town of Bergen.

Levi, Finland

Far up into Lapland lies this purpose build ski village. It has twenty seven miles of pistes well suited to intermediate skiers, and if you are reluctant to head home in the evening, 17 of the runs are floodlit, even though, from March, the days are long.

Riksgränsen, Sweden

This resort lies far, far to the north, 125 miles into the Arctic Circle. It does not even open until March, when the weather is somewhat more manageable and the days grow longer. There are only a few pisted runs, and hotel options are limited, but this is a true paradise for those who heli-ski or enjoy an off-piste adventure. Why not wait until June, when you will be able to strap on those skis or that board under a midnight sun?

So, whatever your skill level and preferences, you are bound to find what you are searching on the ski slopes of Scandinavia.

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Andrew A. Francis

Hey I am Andy Francis. Also love traveling and my fitness :)

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