Five Unexpected Ski Resorts in Europe

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Five Unexpected Ski Resorts in Europe

Poiana Brasov ski resort in Carpathians, Transylvania, Romania. Stunning touristic and winter holiday destination with lodge, slopes and skiers..

Five Unexpected Ski Resorts in Europe

Five Unexpected Ski Resorts in Europe

By Andrew A. Francis

There are many countries in Europe which are not well known for their skiing but offer some lovely resorts none the less. Here are just five unexpected or lesser known ski resorts, which might have good options for cheaper last minute ski breaks:

Jasna, Slovakia:

If you are looking for a very affordable ski holiday for the family, then why not come to this, the largest resort in Slovakia. There are 47km of runs, 27km of which have snow machines which guarantee snow over a five month season, and also a wide park for free skiing. It is situated in the Low Tatra mountain range, easily and cheaply reached by train from Bratislava airport.

Bankso, Bulgaria:

Another cheap ski option is Bulgaria, where Bankso is the most popular ski resort. It is said to have the longest runs and a town resort crammed with Bulgarian culture. In spite of the affordability, there are some excellent options here for accommodation and food. Be sure to sample the wares of the some of the traditional 'mehana' or restaurants that the resort has on offer.

Poiana Brasov, Romania:

This is the most popular ski resort in Romania, located near the city of Brasov. It is a small but pleasant and uncrowded location, with good transport links to the main Romanian population centres. This is a lovely resort for families, and its ten main runs cover a range of bases. This resort is also well situated to explore the nearby area of Transylvania with the birthplace of 'Dracula' and the spooky Bran Castle.

Kopaonik, Serbia:

The Balkans are increasingly being recognised as a good location for affordable ski holidays. Kopaonik is the biggest resort in Serbia, and the most popular. It is well known as a family destination, with a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. At this compact resort, you can practically ski to your door, and all the facilities are within a short walk of each other, which is great for families with young children. Beginners are well served with a range of easy slopes.

Kolašin, Montenegro:

Kolašin is one of the centres of Montenegro's mountain tourism, easily reached by both car and train, though relatively unknown as a ski resort. Montenegro contains one of the last true wildernesses on the continent, perfect for those who are sick and tired of the crowds of the better known European resorts. This small resort is the most modern in Montenegro, with six lifts. But it is not the on-piste skiing that you should go here for, but rather the untamed off-piste pristine slopes of the mountains to which this resort, and also another mountain centre, Zabljak, give access.

So, if you can't quite afford the likes of Chamonix, St. Anton or Verbier, why not try out one of these lesser known, smaller resorts, which are still excellent for skiing or boarding. Look out the smaller resorts and you will not have to spend half your day queuing and will instead be able to concentrate on doing what you came for - enjoying your time on the snow.

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Andrew A. Francis

Hey I am Andy Francis. Also love traveling and my fitness :)

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