World of Diverse Interests

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World of Diverse Interests

We all have our own interests, hobbies, and things we really gravitate toward. So, treat yourself to a vacation that is best for YOU. This section will contain articles about luxury themed and special interest getaways. Gardeners will enjoy tours focusing upon English country gardens. People interested in astronomy will read about a small ship luxury cruise to Antarctica and the path of a total solar eclipse. Tour Madagascar with a world-renowned naturalist as your guide. Religious and non-religious alike may both enjoy European cathedral tours. Bird watchers may lose track of time staring into the trees and skies of South and Central America. Whatever you love to do, there’s a vacation for it!

Large luxury catamaran sailing in the harbor of Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Finding the Right Catamaran Charter for Your Sailing Vacation

Once you have made up your mind that a bareboat sailing charter to the Caribbean is the perfect way to experience a paradise vacation, you still have several decisions to make. For instance, where in ...

Professional photographer equipment consisting of backpack, camera, lenses, flashes, and light filters ready for travel photography

Travel Photography: Packing Camera Gear for a Trip

Most people use cameras to photograph friends and family during significant events, or to capture the places and events while away on vacation. In the case of travel photography, it's usually a combin ...

Hikers in the glaciers of mighty Himalayas where few people tread to see the beauty. A dangerous territory though.

The Impact of Glacier Retreat in the Himalayas

We often hear about glacier retreat but why is it important for people who live near the thousands of glaciers studded across the Himalayas? Well, these glaciers store more ice than anywhere else on E ...

Vacation Quote saying "Vacation calories don't count" with a beach and beer in the background.

800+ Best: Vacation Quotes About Vacations

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate, and tell a story succinctly. Enjoy these 800+ Vacation quotes. The best quotes about Vacations will make everyone's mind drift into a wanderlust! ...

Vibrant red, yellow, teal, orange colors of the leaf foliage of Hardwood trees in the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina during the fall and autumn season

How to Plan a Leaf Viewing Asheville Mountain Vacation

For those who long to travel to Asheville North Carolina, leaf season is the perfect time for a getaway. Here are some local highlights. ...

Group of hoatzins, episthocomus hoazin, endemic bird sitting on a branch inside the amazon rainforest in Cuyabeno National Park, in Ecuador.

Choosing Jungle Lodges for Bird Watching in Ecuador

If you are a hard-core birdwatcher and are planning to enjoy bird watching in South America, then consider visiting Amazon regions alongside the Napo River in Ecuador. The remote jungles situated alon ...

Snapshots of travel destinations on wooden background

Mountain Retreats, Beaches, or Big Cities - How to Pick the Right Vacation Experience

With the end of the year and the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself with lots of available time you need to take off from work. Since the cost of travel is falling rapidly, your c ...

Muscular back of fit and healthy attractive woman practicing fitness and yoga on beautiful sunset beach under amazing orange sky in meditation and relaxation

Seeking Vacation Ideas? Try Fitness Travel!

Fitness travel is an emerging new trend in traveling and weight loss. Its popularity can be greatly attributed to the increasing number of items in our daily to-do lists, and the seemingly shortening ...

A musher and team departs from Fairbanks during the Iditarod sled dog race

Going To The Dogs At Iditarod

Discover a thrilling adventure to the Great White North when you create a vacation tagging along with one of Alaska's most grueling historic events, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Learn all about t ...

Map, compass, wine, money, books and glasses, adventure awaits concept

The Thrill of Adventure in All Seasons

The popularity of Adventure & Specialty Travel has been growing rapidly in the recent years. More and more travelers are showing interest in going to exotic places or safaris, in activities such as di ...

Astrophotography of Milky Way taken from Arthur's Pass National Park in New Zealand

Wilderness Lodge, Arthur's Pass - A Top Ten Eco-Lodge of the World

Nestled in a beech forest in New Zealand's Arthur's Pass National Park, Wilderness Lodge Arthur's Pass is a 6000 acre nature reserve bringing together a working sheep farm with a One-of-a-kind wildern ...

Travelers silhouettes at airport

15 Travelers That I Have Met

There are really as many type of travelers as there are people. Here we take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the common types of people. ...

Macro photography shot of a red trap-jaw ant on green leaf in Peruvian Amazon jungle

Macro Photography in the Amazon Jungle of Peru

The Amazon jungle or Amazon rainforest is the largest area of lowland rainforest in the world and one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth. Many people think of Brazil when they hear the word " ...

Aerial view of Begur village, Costa Brava

Explore the Unusual Medieval Beauty of Begur, Costa Brava

One such enthrallment in Costa Brava is Begur, a town situated an hour away from north of Barcelona, not too far from the coves of Aiguablava, Aiguafreda and Tamariu, is a perfect concoction of tradit ...

Go Your Own Way quote on colorful wooden block typography letters

Five Reasons to Avoid Mass Tourism

There are two types of traveller in the world - those who like to go it alone and forge their own path and those who prefer the whole lot to be done for them. Unfortunately, the second type causes all ...

Female senior planning vacation trip on antique world map drinking a cup of chocolate next to money and travel accessories - Enjoying life and travel

Tourism - An Important Gift To Civilization

Travelling is a long time habit of mankind. So, let's try to explore and find out some more details regarding this interesting chapter of life. ...

A young woman is beachcombing on the banks of the river Thames in London

Top Ten Beaches For Beachcombing In the UK

Every beach has its own story to tell, and you can find so many tales and legends washed up on the tide, hiding under rocks or buried under the sand. However, if you do need some beachcombing inspirat ...

Health tourism and wellness concept with passport, stethoscope and notepad wishing to live longer, healthier ,better lives

Health Tourism of India

This article explores the reasons which contributed to the Healthcare Tourism turning into a multi billion dollar industry, within a couple of decades, and why is it here to stay. It also highlights t ...

A hall by Michelangelo with David and his unfinished works on display at the Galleria dell Accademia in Florence, Italy

Re-Awaken Inspiration With a School Tour of Florence

Arts students can all experience a decline in motivation at some point. Re-awaken budding artists' passion with a school tour of Florence. ...

Ecotourism word cloud

Vacations of a Lifetime: Green in the Blue

Ecotourism has become very popular option for vacations during the last years. However, eco-tourism does not necessarily mean eco-friendly tourism. Travelers should make their decisions consciously an ...

World of Diverse Interests

World of Diverse Interests

We all have our own interests, hobbies, and things we really gravitate toward. So, treat yourself to a vacation that is best for YOU. This section will contain articles about luxury themed and special ...

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