Tourism - An Important Gift To Civilization

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Tourism - An Important Gift To Civilization

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Tourism - An Important Gift To Civilization

Tourism - An Important Gift To Civilization

By Indranil Sengupta

Tourism is a colourful stroke on the canvas of life. It can be simply defined as travel for pleasure. For years, tourists all over the world have been travelling from one place to another. Some of their tours proved to be an important incident in the history of civilization and development.

In ancient times, when there was no internet, the tourists used to act as a medium for transferring information on culture, habits and geographical details of various unknown places. Many kings that time, invested a huge amount on tourists to send them to different places to get some detailed information. Even today, in the era of the internet and digitization all the things can't be felt or viewed online. You need to have some realtime experiences as well.

According to the purpose of travel, tours can be broadly classified into different categories. They are as follows:

  • Business Tours: This is a professional tour with a core agenda to draw some financial profit. The tourists get paid by their organisation or company during this time span.

  • Political Tours: These are the most discussed and hyped tours of all. Mainly political leaders and government officials are a part of this along with some journalists and other VIPs. The tour's agenda is set to improve international relation and other associated issues.

  • Excursion Tours: This is associated with a group of people, mainly for educational purposes. Different departments of schools, colleges and universities organize such trips.

  • Holiday Tours: The most admired tours for all. People travel to different places to gather some memorable experiences during their leisure time. These tours are generally organized during vacations and holidays with family and friends.

  • Religious Tours: These tours generally have some spiritual significance and some of them are festival oriented as well. Tourists go to religious places for mental peace and satisfaction of their soul.

  • Health Tours: This is an old form of tourism, not very common of late but still few patients go out to keep themselves fit through a climate change.

A proper tour can bring some positive changes in life. It will inspire you to have a better quality of living as per your necessity. In this world, every single place is beautiful if seen from a tourist's perspective. During the tour, if some quality time spans of life gets converted into everlasting memories, then you are a true tourist. So, let's take a step ahead to be one.

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Indranil Sengupta

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