How to Experience One of the World’s Most Remote and Pristine Wilderness Areas

There aren’t too many places on the planet where a true wilderness experience can be enjoyed in serenity, comfort and style.

Talbot Bay in the remote Kimberley district of Western Australia is one.

Throw in the exhilaration of a hair raising, white knuckle ride on the world’s most unique waterfalls and you have a complete holiday package.

As our seaplane droned north from Derby in Australia’s north west, our pilot Ben pointed out what appeared to be 3 large turquoise lakes in the distance. Separating the lakes were 2 narrow gaps in the cliff face and through these gaps we noticed 2 huge torrents of white water.

“These waterfalls are amazing,” said Ben, “you will never see or experience anything like this anywhere else in the world.”

What makes the Horizontal Waterfalls so special?

They are only waterfalls in the world generated by the rising and falling of the greatest tidal movements on the planet.

This causes a huge volume of water to rush through 2 narrow gaps between three large lakes.

“This will be an experience you will never forget”, remarked Ben, as he landed our seaplane in the calm waters of Talbot Bay. “Your speedboat will not only take you down the falls, but up them as well. Hang on tight and good luck!”

True to his word, this was a white knuckle ride that was both terrifying and exhilarating, but great fun.

This was only part of the Horizontal Waterfalls experience.

Once your adrenaline rush is over, you can then take time to enjoy the serenity of Talbot Bay, a wilderness area of great unspoilt beauty.

A place to rejuvenate the spirit and take a break from the hectic world we all experience.

It is a totally uninhabited, almost inaccessible wilderness. There are no roads, no mobile access and it can only be reached by sea or air.

In this remote, pristine area, you have the opportunity absorb its beauty on an eco cruise and a sunset pre-dinner cruise.

Both are unique experiences and should not be missed.

One gives you the opportunity to explore the natural environment of Talbot Bay. Just to sit there in the boat in silence, listening to the bird calls, looking for rock wallabies and watching dolphins cavorting nearby, is an emotional experience.

The other allows you to experience its beauty, tranquility and amazing colours at sunset. So serene, so pristine in its raw beauty, that it is mesmerising.

It is one of the true natural wonders of the world.


This pristine area of Australia and iconic tourist attraction has remained untouched for 300 million years. Sadly, recent press reports advise of preliminary proposals to build a copper mine not far from the Horizontal Waterfalls.

It would be great pity if this serene place of great natural beauty was not preserved as a significant national heritage area for future generations to enjoy.

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