How To Pack Your Backpack For That Awesome Overnight Wilderness Backcountry Trip

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How To Pack Your Backpack For That Awesome Overnight Wilderness Backcountry Trip

Man with backpack hiking in mountains travel survival alone in wilderness of Norway

How To Pack Your Backpack For That Awesome Overnight Wilderness Backcountry Trip

How To Pack Your Backpack For That Awesome Overnight Wilderness Backcountry Trip

By Leonard Jadrich

Using your personal backpacking checklist you have assembled all the gear and personal items needed and wanted for your backcountry wilderness adventure. But once again you realize this is not a simple 2 day trip to the Holiday Inn and you won't have a luggage rack to spread open your pack and lay out your stuff. So how do you arrange everything to get at it easily and to balance and carry the load on your back up and down the wilderness trail?

Always pack with efficiency in mind:

  • Things that you need often like water, maps and camera need to go on the outside of the pack,in fanny packs or in an office attached to your shoulder strap for easy access. You don't want to be accessing your main center   compartment every hour for these frequently used items.

  • Packing your water on the outside compartment will allow access to your water without having to take off your pack off which tends to get old if you have to take it off every hour or so. You can reach the water yourself by reaching around to the side or have your hiking companion get the water out for you.

  • Store your sleeping bag in a waterproof compression sack in the bottom of your pack. This helps to make a good foundation for the remaining items and keeps the bag dry.

  • Heavier items (food, tent, etc) should go in the mid to upper region against your back making them easier to carry and balance down awkward declines.

  • Next load first aid-kits, toiletries and other mid-weight items around the heavy weight items.

  • In the backpack's lid place smaller items that you may need to grab without disturbing your whole pack such as, bathroom kit, flashlight, pack rain cover,   rain gear and quick shelter.

  • Items such as rain gear and pack covers that you don't mind getting wet need to go on the outside if possible.

  • Pack your stove fuel on the outside compartments opposite your water so everything doesn't get wet and contaminated if the containers leak.

  • And the very last thing to strap on is the foam or inflatable sleeping pad and any reflective space blanket you plan on taking to act as the floor for your tent.  This blanket can be used as extra weather protection if necessary and should be a couple of inches less than the width and length   of your tent so that if it rains water will not get on top of the ground blanket and travel under the tent.

After everything has been packed it is always a good idea to make sure the pack is also balanced from left to right. A pack heavier on one side will only place more weight on your that shoulder. Resulting in more wear (blisters) on that shoulder, lower back pain from trying to balance the weight and cause clumsiness when walking the trail and making difficult descends or step-overs. Also try to get most everything packed inside and avoid being the guy with everything strapped on the outside of the pack. You will be more organized and slicker going through brush covered trails. Some small items you might want to consider hanging on the outside of your pack include a thermometer, wind speed indicator or small handheld GPS.

After you have finally found the best spot for each piece of gear and still managed to keep the pack weight down to 30-40 lbs you will need to do one more thing. Always put everything in the exact same place every time and every trip! This will keep you organized giving you the ability to put your hands on anything and everything quickly. But more importantly when picking up camp in the morning it will help keep you from leaving something behind. There is nothing worse than stopping the second night on your trip to realize you left your cook stove 10 miles back at the last camp. If you always put everything back in the same spot it becomes easier to realize you're missing some gear when you pack-up.

Leonard Jadrich and Outdoors SportMan providing you with all your backpacking and camping needs for that perfect backcountry experience.Outdoors is what we do!

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Leonard Jadrich

We grew up and spent our college years backpacking and skiing in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains where Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon Nation Park in California quickly became our home away from home and passion. Today we are located in Mountain View, AR, in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Surrounded by National forest where hunting, fishing and hiking is a way of life. After a 25 year career as a firefighter and retiring as Fire Chief I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects disasters have on families and communities alike. Having the opportunity to work at every level of government from City, County, State and Federal level (FEMA) drafting and implementing Disaster Plans and Emergency Survival Plans I have learned that we cannot possible be 100% ready for every possible disaster scenario which may come our way. But we certainly can, through proper planning and preparation, be in a much better state of readiness than were we are today when the disaster does come. Food, water, and housing, just to name a few, must be prepared for now to have in the future.

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