Chile Vacations in Patagonia - Torres Del Paine in Luxury

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Chile Vacations in Patagonia - Torres Del Paine in Luxury

Herd of Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) grazing on a hillside in Torres del Paine National Park in the Magallanes region of southern Chile.

Chile Vacations in Patagonia - Torres Del Paine in Luxury

Chile Vacations in Patagonia - Torres Del Paine in Luxury

By Andrew Chaundler

If you are planning a trip to Chile or have ever read any travel literature about the country, you will surely have seen pictures of the world famous Torres del Paine. This granite massif is the dramatic centrepiece of the national park of the same name, which is home to some of the most stunning scenery anywhere.

Due to its well-deserved reputation, the Torres del Paine national park is in great demand and receives more visitors every year. The high season during January and February is the best time to go to avoid the cold weather, but also the busiest time in the park. During these months you will find the popular walking trails relatively crowded and if you plan on staying in the park you will need to book up your accommodation in advance.

The popularity of the park does not detract from the impressiveness of the geography and only those visitors who had notions of visiting a wilderness area might be disappointed. There are still plenty of true wilderness areas in Chile to visit, but this park is no longer one.

There is more to southern Patagonia than just Torres del Paine. Such is the fame of the park that many people plan their trip with only the Torres in mind. Well-heeled travellers who want to see the park in luxury tend to stay in the elegant Explora hotel, which is located right in the heart of the national park. Keen walkers on a lower budget can spend 5 to 7 days hiking the various trails in the park to the main areas of interest using the campsites and refugios for accommodation.

Neither of these options is great if you want some luxury but don't want to break the bank or if you want to see more of the Magallanes region than just the park. However, since last year there is a new hotel called Remota that fills the gap nicely. It is located just outside of Puerto Natales with great views out over Dorita Bay. Remota has good comfortable rooms, a spa, a very sociable and relaxed restaurant and excellent guides who will help you plan your excursions into the Torres del Paine park, but also other trips in the Magallanes area, like the cruise through remote fiords to see the Serrano and Balmaceda glaciers.

However you do decide to visit this southern most tip of the world, you won't be disappointed by the spectacular natural beauty.

Andrew Chaundler worked and travelled in South America for many years before setting up Optimundo, a travel company that specialises in customized vacations in Chile and Argentina [http://www.optimundo.com]. Optimundo offers a range of exclusive luxury travel itineraries that have been designed with expert knowledge of the region. The company also provides an efficient and friendly tailor-made service, so that you can specify the elements that you want in your perfect trip to Chile and Argentina.

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Andrew Chaundler

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