3 Tips for Easier Business Travel

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3 Tips for Easier Business Travel

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3 Tips for Easier Business Travel

3 Tips for Easier Business Travel

By PK Lassiter

I've been doing a ton of traveling lately. In and out of hotel rooms, rental cars, airplanes and unfamiliar offices. It's one confined space after another-a whirlwind of Hilton and Hertz, American Airlines and Arby's, Samsonite and sleepless nights. You know the drill. And that's what it feels like...a repetitive mechanism driving a sharp, twisting point into my head.

But I think I have found a way to keep things fresh while traveling for business and at the same time maintain a sense of normalcy that allows me to shift more easily between being man of the house and king of the road.

Maybe these will work for you too:

1. Maintain routine

To ease the transition between home and the road, maintain your routine as much as possible. If you work out in the morning at home, do the same while traveling. Do you usually eat two eggs with a side of bacon for breakfast? Try to get that meal when you're out of town. Like to shower before you hit the hay? Have at it. A routine makes new surroundings seem more familiar.

2. Talk to the locals

The people you meet on the road can be amazing. From the flight attendants to the hotel desk clerks to the local cab driver-they all have a story. There's nothing that connects you to a place more than another person. Take the time to get to know these frequently faceless people around you, and you'll find you're breaking the monotony of day-to-day travel. Not to mention-these folks know where to go, what to do and everything in between in the city you're visiting.

3. Soak in the details

When you're traveling a lot for business, everything can start to look the same--airports, hotels, meeting spaces. But you'll enjoy the nuances of a new city if you take time to notice what's unique about the place. The summers are sweltering in New Orleans, but that's part of the city's charm (although a steamy, blanket-like charm). The beaches north of Tampa are some of the purest on the Gulf Coast. And the barbecue in Charlotte is second to none (I expect everyone from Texas to Tennessee to pipe in on this one). If you're able to escape the business demands of the trip, even if just for an hour or two, do it. You'll feel fresher, sharper and happier.

If you can check off each of these three items on your travel itinerary, the drone of the road will become a hum of relaxation in no time. And those confined spaces will start to feel like open invitations.

P.K. Lassiter

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/PK_Lassiter/1072803


PK Lassiter

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