Overcoming Travel Fatigue: Little Tweaks That Make a Difference

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Overcoming Travel Fatigue: Little Tweaks That Make a Difference

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Overcoming Travel Fatigue: Little Tweaks That Make a Difference

Overcoming Travel Fatigue: Little Tweaks That Make a Difference

By Leira Galeman

Millions of people are on the move every day. They go places, experience new things, meet new friends, and make new connections. Sounds exciting? Yes it is. These are the reasons why people are fascinated with the idea of travelling.

Unfortunately, this is not always true. Sometimes, travel becomes demanding, stressful, and it becomes tiring. In fact, it's possible that there are people who indeed travel, but do not enjoy themselves. Exciting as it may be, a day of travel can turn out into just any other normal day-where stress and fatigue are very likely.

Lucky for us, there are actually ways of overcoming travel fatigue and stress. These are basic principles that we come across every day, however, due to our busy and fast-paced lifestyles, we even forget how essential these are.

So before you finalize your travel plans, check to see if you have fully proofed your vacation with these little tips on how to overcome travel fatigue.

#1. Pay Attention to Anti-Jet Lag Practices

Jet lag is one of the leading causes of travel fatigue. The more that we shift into different time zones, the more that our bodies require adjustment, causing stress and pressure on our end. Research, however, shows that certain practices can reduce the negative effects of jet lag.

There are a number of anti-jet lag practices all over the web, spare some time for research to find out which works for you. But for a starter, here is a quick list that you can start with.

  • Stay hydrated with water and other liquids, but make sure that you avoid drinks that have alcohol and caffeine content.
  • Rest well before you travel, and continue to do so during and after your flight.
  • Sleep or stay awake during the flight depending on your flight and the number of hours affected due to time zone changes.
  • Even if you're on the run, save some time for well-balanced meals instead of quick ones that will leave you feeling heavy.
  • Try to exercise as much as you could. But if can't spare a couple of minutes for an exercise routine due to a busy schedule, you can make some small changes to your routine. For example, you can take the stairs instead of the usual elevator. And, if that convention is just a few blocks from your hotel, try to walk instead of drive.

#2. Travel Light

A lot of people think that travelling light is impossible. But this is not entirely correct. We just often misinterpret what it means. It doesn't mean that we have to leave everything behind and stick with the bare essentials, it actually means to travel with less-as much as we could.

For instance, choosing neutral colored clothes over candy colored ones, can make a big difference in how many clothes you'll need to bring on a holiday. Neutral colored clothes are easier to pair and match up, so you can actually reuse them with a variety of other fashion pieces.

Another similar practice is bringing no-show socks on a trip instead of regular socks. No-show socks are lighter than regular socks. They're much comfortable and will allow your feet to breathe. If you have a chance to wash them, they dry more quickly too. The big advantage to these socks is that you can also pair them up with any kind of shoe-loafers, boots, pumps, flats, oxfords, and even sneakers!

#3. Do More with Your Destination

Many people will travel to a new place just to carry out the purpose of their visit. Don't do the same. If you can, do more.

Explore your destination. Learn about the culture and history by spending time in museums or chatting with the locals. Taste local dishes and visit markets to get to know more about the local delicacies. You can also free up some time to visit a spa or any place where you can relax and pamper yourself.

Simple add-ons to your itinerary won't hurt, they'll actually make your visit more meaningful. You don't have to go an ultimate travel adventure as that could lead to more stress. But taking the time to breathe in your destination will do you much good.

#4. Keep in Touch with Family

Travelling alone, although exciting, can weigh people down in the long run. So when you encounter pressures from travel, it's always good to hold onto something that can keep you grounded-think "Family."

See to it that you have a chance for a quick phone call or a short exchange of emails. And if you more time to spare, you can also setup a video call with your family. Sharing your travel experiences and even opening up some of the pressures you encounter will relieve some of the stress from an exhausting day.

I write and blog for Barely There Socks by Jays and love to live life to the full. Life is short, we need to keep moving.
I write my articles to encourage people to move and go places. Make the most out of every light and shadow. So whether it's travel, healthy living, fashion or family, I implore you to be restless.
Push your boundaries. The journey starts with a single step. Connect with us at http://www.barelytheresocks.com

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Leira Galeman

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