Exploring the Heart of Poland

Poland is a land rich in history and culture. From snow-capped mountains to beaches and ancient cities, Poland has it all and is one of the most fascinating places in Europe to visit. The cities, villages and countryside are vibrant and welcoming. There is an entire wealth of things to do for those who are seeking an adventuresome trip including skiing, horseback riding, camping, hiking and so much more. Discover the Poland that is returning to its roots with over 2 million ecologically friendly family farms throughout the land each welcoming any visitor willing to take the time to learn about their deep love of nature and sustainability.

Located on the Baltic Sea, Poland even has some great beaches to enjoy during the summer. Here is beaches have clean sand and shallow waters that are perfect for traveling with children. A dense network of rivers and lakes throughout the Polish countryside gives adventurers a chance for kayaking, canoeing, or white water rafting on guided tours throughout beautiful natural landscapes. Nestled in the mountains or by the sea you will also find a host of spas and wellness resorts with natural springs and healing relaxation. There is so much to see in do but if you aren’t convince yet, here are some of the best places to explore while in the heart of Poland.


As Poland’s capital city it is most likely the entry point for many travelers and boasts over 1 million inhabitants. The most visited area is by far the Warsaw Old Town which is made up of six distinct districts all of which are charming, trendy, and historic all at the same time. Almost entirely destroyed during World War II, the people of Warsaw have spent the last 70 years coming back from the brink. Rebuilt from the ashes, the city is now exciting, vibrant and modern while coupled with Polish tradition.

Explore the cities roots along Nowy Swait Street and you walk amongst the colorful houses and building of the historical Old Town. Here you will find the medieval St. John’s Cathedral which typically has music and festivities in the warmer summer months. Eventually you’ll find yourself in the main Old Town Square that dates back to the 14th century including the narrow houses that surround the square. You’ll find plenty of sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and shops to enjoy as you explore as well. Walk along the Royal Route to the Wilanow Palace and the Royal Castle along with scenic parks and museums to explore.


Attracting thousands of tourist every year because of its historical relics and creative energy, the second largest city of Krakow should not be missed. Tour the 13th century Town Hall Tower or along it’s own Royal Route with its palace, castle and charming cobblestone streets. Make sure to see the impressive medieval fortification, the Barbican whose immense walls used to defend the city and its inhabitants.


A much lesser known gem of the historic lower Silesia region of Poland is the city of Wroclaw though it is not to be missed. The city itself has seen a turbulent past with both the Nazi’s and the Soviet Union claiming the city to name a few. However now the bejeweled city has long since come back and is considered a highlight of the nation of Poland. See the Rynek, or the largest central square in Europe around which city life has revolved for centuries. You’ll find the 14th century Town Hall that also houses the city’s museum. Tour the Royal Palace and its historical museum also.

The city is full of beautiful gardens and parks making it especially nice place to visit in the spring and summer months with the flowers are in bloom. Stroll along the former Salt Square which is now a flower market as well. There is no shortage of things to do here as well as you can find operas, music festivals, and theatres. In May and July you’ll can take part in the Festival of Good Beer or even the International Film Festival held here. Wroclaw is often called the city of monuments as people pay homage to their city’s long history. The fountains and monuments make the city a colorful and magical place.


No trip to Poland would be complete without a stop at the cradle of the Polish culture. Poznan has an international flair and an ancient history. Here the first king of Poland was crowned in the 11th century and you can find a wealth of gothic cathedrals, parks, squares, and old streets. See the Renaissance era Town Hall or the medieval city castle, called the king’s last castle with the Lion Fountain in the courtyard. This is a bustling city and an important economic and cultural center of Poland so there is no shortage of things to do and see while exploring all that makes the Polish people who they are by understanding where they come from.

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