Business Travel - There is No Real Alternative to Real Face to Face Meetings

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Business Travel - There is No Real Alternative to Real Face to Face Meetings

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Business Travel - There is No Real Alternative to Real Face to Face Meetings

Business Travel - There is No Real Alternative to Real Face to Face Meetings

By Shaun Stevens

Modern societies have many legacies- including those associated with travel. Mankind began as a nomad and it seems that we always remain that way - with an urge to seek out, wander and experiment with travel. We cannot leave well enough alone. Some would say it is a good thing - to be curious whereas others might say that "curiosity killed the cat".

History can well present a context for current travel and tourism activity and even policies.  Without looking back it could be said that it is easy to imagine that throughout history people have always been able to travel freely and safely from one country to another. But after careful inspection and scrutiny one can say that this was always not so. The freedom that most Americans of average incomes to travel are a reasonably modern invention as well as privilege.

Even as recently as the mid 1800's most travel was generally reserved only for the well to do and the powerful. True there were other travelers but these would generally fit into the categories of the determined or very curious explorer types. Middle to lower-income citizens stayed at home, tending to their lives and businesses. For these people travel was an occasional trip to a neighboring community or an infrequent trip to a larger city hosting a state fair or religious meeting. International travel was rare and usually very difficult to obtain, if not impossible, due to lack of financial resources or to policy restrictions. History can be said to also reveal the harsh realities of travel in earlier times and indeed civilizations. Accommodations - if even available - were minimal, foods were basic and meager and a sense of "hospitality" was often lacking.

It can be then said that tourism has a history colored with both successes and failures.  For the most part tourism, as well as the tourism and hospitality industries is a story and result of the rapid changes that were allowed for by our modern times, machines and technologies. It can be summarized and epitomized by a two symbolic measures: those of the rapidly decreasing amount of time it takes to travel great distances - from one of country - for example New York City to Los Angeles (LA) or San Francisco California. Another measure of the advances of travel and travel technologies is the great distances people may travel overall either for business or vacation travel.  It may be said that current advances in technology and technologies have made travel redundant and unnecessary. Business travel it can be said is very expensive and time consuming compared to alternatives that modern technologies and communications offer.

First it was fax machines sending information quickly. Now its email and complete interactive conferences - online meetings or web conferences, which can be afforded via computer technologies easily, with less cost and virtually no travel or set up time involved. Total costs have to be added up. In terms of business travel it's not only the travel and hospitality costs but also the costs of travel time where the person or employee is in transit and off-line.

Still there is no substitute for direct human one to one interactive contact for important meetings and discussions. Non-verbal clues and cues often carry the most important information when it comes to serious negotiations and discussions. There is no substitute it seems for direct human meetings. Any other form of interactions a be considered second best.  On top of that men (or women) remain at heart nomads with travel wanderlust intact.

Shaun Stevens  - Medical  Tourism Resource [http://www.mmedsolution.com] - Corporate Travel Winnipeg

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Shaun Stevens

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