For Your Next Trip Look Into the Citation III, VI and VII Medium Jets

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For Your Next Trip Look Into the Citation III, VI and VII Medium Jets

Cessna 650 Citation VI business jet

For Your Next Trip Look Into the Citation III, VI and VII Medium Jets

For Your Next Trip Look Into the Citation III, VI and VII Medium Jets

By Julie D Johnson

If you wish to charter a plane in the near future, the Citation III, VI, and VII medium jets are the ideal planes for your next excursion. First developed in the late 1970s, the Citation 3 is commonly used as a corporate jet that perfectly blends speed with comfort. The Citation III accommodates around 7-9 passengers, supplementing the smaller Citation I and II models.

The jet reaches a speed of over 450 knots and has a range of well over 2,000 miles. Citation 3 boasts of an excellent high-altitude takeoff capabilities and has set several class records, including both speed and time-to-climb records. Production of the Citation 3 ceased in 1992, and a total of over 200 planes were constructed. The benefits of chartering a Citation III are numerous, including ease of access into and out of thousands of airports nationwide and a combination of subtle luxury with impeccable performance.

The Citation VI is similar to its counterpart, albeit with some changes. First offered as a low-cost alternative to the Citation 3, the Citation VI includes a basic avionics package and a standard interior, without the option of consumer customization, as was offered with each individual Citation 3 jet. When production stopped in 1995, almost 40 Citation VIs had been built. Despite its more generic appearance, the Citation VI runs every bit as well as the Citation III. It displays the same high performance and speed, guaranteeing you a smooth ride.

Several features of Citation 3 were upgraded in the Citation VII, which was in production from 1992 to 2000. One key feature includes more powerful engines, facilitating trustworthy performances in higher altitudes during hotter weather. Citation VII is thus able to fly under some conditions in which Citation III cannot. The Citation VII can also reach a higher maximum cruising speed of 480 knots, one of the fastest speeds for a jet of its size. These improvements make the Citation VII an ideal choice for travel, especially during hot weather.

The characteristics of the Citation III, VI, and VII, as outlined above, make these models great choices for all your travel needs. As previously mentioned, perhaps the defining aspect of the Citation models is their ability for considerable speed. The Citation VII's maximum speed easily beats its competitor, Learjet, which only reaches speeds of up to 465 knots.

Such quick movement balanced with quiet luxury translates into the ability to take you to wherever your destination may be as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

If you are traveling soon check into the Citation III private jet. Talk to your local travel agent for the Citation III charter jet or look online for more information.

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Julie D Johnson

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