Travel Like an Executive - Preparation is the Key

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Travel Like an Executive - Preparation is the Key

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Travel Like an Executive - Preparation is the Key

Travel Like an Executive - Preparation is the Key

By Steve Campanella

Have you ever noticed a business traveler in the airport? Business travelers and other executives are truly in a class of their own.  They have special luggage, preferred seating, and an elevated knowledge of the industry that simply makes traveling much easier.  The following information will provide you with several traveling secrets that previously were only known by today's business travelers.

Booking your flight - Relationships and loyalty are the key to taking advantage of exclusive travel offers. Most business travelers and executives are loyal to one airline and often use a travel agent to arrange flight itineraries. It is tempting to utilize one of the many discount online travel websites; however, most travel agents can secure similar airline rates and save you time!

Reserving a hotel room - Similar to the airline industry, many hotel chains reward travelers for remaining loyal to their company.  Take advantage of the same offers that most business travelers utilize and start saving money!  By the way, you would be amazed by the power of a simple question.  Ask and you shall receive (or at least have a better chance of receiving).  If you are interested in an upgrade, simply ask the hotel employee during your check-in...you might be surprised what you receive!

Know how and what to pack - Packing is a crucial aspect of traveling and therefore, it is critical that travelers are familiar with what and how to pack.  For example, many executives that frequently travel often carry all-inclusive toiletry kits.  Packing a travel kit filled with essential toiletry and personal items is a great way to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected challenges of traveling.

Protect your valuables - Business travelers realize that safety is always a concern and therefore take the necessary precautions.  For example, carry a limited amount of cash while traveling.  Instead of carrying cash, use debit and credit cards and take advantage of the extra protection offered to travelers. In addition to the added security, many credit cards offer reward points for purchases!

Like other things in life, learning from the experts will help make your travels more efficient.  Frequent travelers, whether for business or pleasure, have provided the rest of us with a road map that will prepare us for easier travels.

Steve Campanella is the founder and President of Executive Travel Kits. Executive Travel Kits offers a full line of all-inclusive kits designed to assist busy professionals alleviate pressures throughout the day. To view the Executive Travel Kits line of products, along with other ways to show appreciation to those that make a difference in your life, please visit abernook.com.

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Steve Campanella

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