Aircraft Enthusiasts

Planes - from vintage to experimental to kits to single-engine props to the newest model heavy jets on the market - we love them all. So how can we help improve the enthusiast’s lifestyle? By writing about things enthusiasts will enjoy! We’ll bring reports directly from air shows and air races. We’ll bring you tours of air& space museums. We’ll review the Top Airplane movies ever made and breakdown the scenes. What were the inspirations behind some of the most famous songs about flying? If it has to do with planes, we’ll bring you the scoop!


Team contributions to Private Jet Charter Flights of Fancy magazine. We hope you enjoy!

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The Frecce Tricolore, the Three-Colored Arrows, fly all over Italy for celebrations, this one at an AirShow on the beach of Ladispoli, near Rome in summer

10 Ways to Make an AirShow Great

A Summer AirShow can be a wonderful staycation for the whole family. It can also be miserable if the show promoter does a poor job. Here are 10 ways to make an AirShow enjoyable for all attending. ...

Two motorized paragliders flying in blue sky background at sunset time

Powered Paragliders-101 Uses

Although the title claims 101 uses for powered paragliders, the article actually only discusses 5. However, they are real and rather intriguing, and do not include the most common usage - flying for s ...

A Cessna 175 light aircraft preparing for its next flight

Owning a Cessna Light Airplane

Buying the Cessna was one of the best things Garry, my husband, and I have done. It has been a great experience to own and fly such a well designed and reliable light aircraft. ...

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Businessman with a lot of money saved in a suitcase.

Travel Savings For Corporations

How can corporations save on travel expenses for their employees? Negotiating power and travel clubs provide the savings to reduce a corporations annual budget for travel expenses. ...

Large luxury jet interior with bedroom

Luxury Private Jets - Several Great Tips

There are private jets and then there are private jets. The difference is the level of luxury that goes with these different types of private jets. The first type of private jet is nothing more than a ...

Employee expense report and expense reimbursement policies for corporate travel

Travel Policies for Corporate Employees

Travel management companies offer a set of integrated travel solutions to their clients. A good corporate manager is able to set corporate travel policy guidelines and establish procedures for profess ...

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Danube River Cycle route in Austria

10 Best Cycling Getaways in Europe to Tick Off Your Bucket List

Ever caught yourself wandering away from your daily duties and daydreaming about your next escape? If you have, then don't hesitate no more. Make time if you can't find it, dust off your bike, and go ...

Business man with garment bag walking toward camera

How to Travel With Suit and Tie

Whether you are a frequent business traveler, or are going on business trip that requires you to bring a suit and tie for the first time, below are some helpful tips that will help you protect your ex ...

Dictionary definition of word Utopia, selective focus

140+ Best: Utopia Quotes About Utopia

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate, and tell a story succinctly. Enjoy these 140+ Utopia quotes. The best quotes about Utopia can help everyone envision a future society worthy of our aspirati ...

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