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Footballers and Their Wags: Who’s Bringing Who to the World Cup

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Footballers and Their Wags: Who’s Bringing Who to the World Cup

The biggest sport in the world, Football is enjoyed by over 2 billion people of every creed imaginable. If there is anything that we can define as being the ‘world’s sport’, it is football, or as it is known in America, soccer (US in the world cup is also going to be a very exciting team to see). Everyone knows who the biggest names in this sport are, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Two players who have managed to carve out their name into the very pantheon of the sport itself. They are also easily the most popular people on the planet, with Ronaldo amassing nearly half a billion followers on Instagram and Messi not far behind.

Both of these magical individuals have won everything that the sport has to offer for their club and country. However, there is one elusive title that both of them are yet to win, the World Cup. It is not really a critique of their brilliance, but rather an understanding of the difficult situation that both players have to endure at the national level. Ronaldo’s national team, Portugal, has never won the World Cup in its entire history. In fact, the only major trophy that they have won is the European Championship, a triumph in which Cristiano himself was instrumental. Many would say that the team itself, while extremely talented, does not still have the caliber of players to go after the biggest trophy in world sport. Messi’s team, Argentina, on the other hand, has a glorious past to draw inspiration from. The images of Mario Kempes and Maradona bringing two world cup triumphs to Argentine still echo in the memories of the Argentine people. Messi, who is eternally going to be compared with the late Maradona has always been under pressure to win the World Cup, in order to truly match the legacy of his predecessor. So far, it has not turned into reality. Considering that this World Cup soccer 2022 is going to be the last for both of these aging superstars, the race to become the undisputed greatest of all time is on.

The other side of the world cup is the glamor associated with it. Footballers and their beautiful partners, also colloquially known as WAGs, become the center of attention as they are there to cheer their partners on for success on the field. Today, we will be looking into the beautiful women that your favorite footballer is bringing to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Georgina Rodriguez

The beautiful Argentine model and dancer is Ronaldo’s partner. They have been together for 5 years and have many beautiful children together. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is the only child of Ronaldo who isn’t born through Georgina. It all started when she was working as a luxury sales assistant in Madrid and Ronaldo became a personal client of hers. One day, he decided to ask her to accompany him to an event and the rest can be guessed by the Instagram posts the couples share together. Ronaldo is known to talk about her with the utmost respect possible and gives her nurturing nature the credit for his success. She’s definitely one of the most high-profile celebrities in the football world and the cameras are going to be focusing on her as she cheers for Ronaldo on the sidelines.

Antonela Roccuzzo

It seems that loyalty is really something that Messi has a personal relationship with. He was in Barcelona for nearly 2 decades and only left due to some circumstances out of his own hands. The other constant in his life was his now-wife Antonela Rocuzzo. A pair that was made when both of them were just children, Messi and Antonela is really the dream couple in all senses of the word. They share beautiful children together who are sure to do great things if they are anything like their father.

Anna Lewandowska

If there is anyone who has been able to come close to the goals of Messi and Ronaldo, it is the Polish international, Robert Lewandowski. Gifted with the ability to find space in even the most heavily fortified opponent boxes in football, Robert Lewandowski’s glittering career at Bayern was only brought to an end in 2022 when he swapped the red of Bavaria for the red and blue of FC Barcelona. He has been in stellar form in the current season, averaging nearly a goal a game for Barcelona. His wife also seems to be dedicated to excellence as much as he is. She is a professional martial artist who has won several medals at the European level as well as at the international level. Safe to say that Robert doesn’t misbehave when his wife is around, knowing a swift karate chop will set him straight. Naturally, it helps that she is an absolute heart-stopper in the looks department as well.


Anna Modler

England are certainly a very solid team for this World Cup. Considering that they reached the semi-finals of the last World Cup, they are poised to put in a good tournament this time around as well. Eric Dier has slowly been able to cement his place into a squad that is so clearly filled to the brim with exciting talent. His talents have been on display for club and country. Anna Modler has been reported to be dating Eric Dier. The extent of the relationship is apparently quite serious, with Eric and Anna both very much committed to each other. Anna Modler also dated footballer Alexis Sanchez in 2020.


Sasha Attwood

It seems like Jack Grealish has been killing it on the pitch as well as off the pitch as well. The young England International made the big move from Aston Villa to Manchester City in 2021, starring in a great season as the Pep Guardiola-led outfit won the league last season as well as reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. They were on course to reach the final as well, with Madrid going into the last minutes of the game with a 2-goal deficit. However, what was in store for Guardiola was a massive disappointment as Madrid managed to score two quickfire goals and score the third in extra-time to go to the final. The football world has been critical of the 100 million pounds price tag for Jack Grealish and a below-expectations first season has definitely put even more pressure on him. So, this World Cup is a great chance for Jack Grealish to redeem himself. Considering the fact that he has this beautiful woman to cheer for him, we are going to say that he might just do quite well at the World Cup. Sasha Atwood has also recently landed a deal as a brand ambassador for the online fashion retailer, boohoo.



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