Save Money with Empty Legs on Private Jets

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Save Money with Empty Legs on Private Jets

Save Money with Empty Legs on Private Jets

Save Money with Empty Legs on Private Jets

Sometimes, people charter a private jet to a destination without needing a return trip. The private jet drops the passenger off and then has to return to its previous destination or somewhere else to pick up its next client. The private jet company doesn’t make any money when it doesn’t carry customers, so it tries to sell the space at a discount. This is an empty leg charter, and you can save as much as 75 percent when you fly this way. Before booking empty legs on private jets, there are a few things you need to know.

How to Find Empty Legs on Private Jets

Various companies list empty legs that are available for booking. You can find empty legs from the jet company itself or private brokers. There’s another option, as well. Some companies offer their jet cardholders access to empty legs that aren’t available to the general public. If you intend to fly on lots of empty legs, this might be a good choice for you.

Research the Flight

It’s easy to get blinded by a great deal and book it without researching the operator and aircraft. Do your due diligence by checking safety ratings, amenities, and more before booking an empty leg. Make sure that you will be safe and have an enjoyable trip. If everything checks out, book your flight and get ready for an amazing experience.

Feel Free to Negotiate

When you book empty legs on private jets, you can negotiate the price and the drop-off airport. The private jet company is often flexible on both, but if you change the drop-off airport, expect to pay a little more. Still, you should pay much less because it’s an empty leg flight.

Have a Contingency Plan in Place

If the person who chartered the inbound flight cancels, the empty leg flight will be canceled, as well. It’s a good idea to have a contingency plan in place just in case your empty leg is canceled. If that’s not possible, only use empty leg flights when your plans are flexible. If your flight gets canceled, you can search for another one for a different date.

Don’t Forget About Your Return Flight

Empty legs are one-way trips. You will need to arrange for a way back home. You might find another empty leg going the other way, but if not, you can find another private jet charter. You’ll have to pay regular price, but it’s possible to get a good deal on a standard private jet charter, as well.

Do Your Research When Booking Empty Legs

If you’ve never flown on a private jet, empty leg flights are an excellent way to start. You don’t have to invest nearly as much money, so you can dip your toes in the water and see if you enjoy the experience. Just do your research before booking and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Also, have a contingency plan in place and secure a return flight.

If you follow these steps, you should save some money, while still flying private, and having a great experience with the process. Enjoy your empty legs - private jet charter flights at the best prices!



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