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Pilots in Command

Experience a day in the life of a general aviation pilot, hear some behind the scenes tales and discover what it takes to get behind the stick of a luxury aircraft. Our interviews give you insight into the men and women who get you where you need to go in style. Pilots come from all kinds of backgrounds and lead interesting lives; you'll get insight into what makes them tick and what their lives are like.

A funny airline pilot needs some job training and going over safety rules. The aviator has a Learn to Fly book in the jet airplane cockpit.

9 1/2 Steps to Improve Your Flying

There are many things that you can do when you fly to make yourself a safer and better pilot. Too many pilots get careless and stop doing fundamental things that could save their lives. Here are som ...

AS350 AStar helicopter with flight crew doing a pre-flight external check

Pilot Complacency and Use of the HUAL Gauge

They say confession is good for the soul, and that's probably more applicable to aviation than to any other endeavor. Pilots tend not to share their errors and oversights, but those mistakes can serve ...

Airplane dashboard with fuel indicator and Aircraft light switches.

Running on Fumes - "Those Fuel Gauges Always Read a Little Low"

I wonder how many pilots are traversing the sky right now feeling, as the industry lingo has it, 'fat, dumb and happy'? Here's my own experience with this conundrum of what I'll refer to as gauge-deni ...

Instructor and student in aviation headsets sitting in aircraft ready to fly

The Flight Instructor Who Gave Selflessly

A man who made someone's dream of flight become a reality. An inspirational story of someone who gave 100 percent of his heart as a flight instructor. ...

Young pilot is preparing for take off with private plane.

Amazing Things Only Private Pilots Can Do

As a private pilot and owner of your own aircraft, you already know the major perks: Having instant access to a luxurious way to travel, taking your family and friends on trips they'll never forget, a ...

Close up of a male helicopter pilot flying aircraft over the Cape town city on a bright sunny day.

Helicopter Pilots - Care and Feeding

I was a commercial helicopter pilot for 35 years. But little has been written or studied about the pilots of these clattering machines. Helicopter pilots are, in many ways, the mirror image of their c ...

Seaplane by a Scenic Lake on a Fall Day

Mission Orthodoxy

My orthodoxy was with general aviation. As an F-15 driver, my passion was employment of the jet. I often announced that I would retire my g-suit if I ever flew a "perfect mission". ...

Airplane in airshow maneuvers - RedBull Airshow at Oporto, Portugal

Competing in Air Shows and Air Races Against Autonomous Aircraft

Well, it's already happening, and most airline pilots and military pilots assumed it eventually would. Pilots are being replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles. And this makes sense because even though f ...

Confident male pilot in uniform keeping arms crossed and smiling with airplane in the background

Five Leadership Secrets of an Aviator

In military flying, studying and training on emergency procedures (EPs) was constant. Quick thinking and disciplined responses were expected as a minimum standard to succeed in a military aviation car ...

Private Cessna aircraft on the tarmac of a small regional airport with pilots inspecting plane before check ride flight

Tips and Tricks For Private Pilots - Check Ride Guides

Anytime one is completing a practical test in any subject the attitude of the examiner plays a part in how comfortable and confident you feel. Of course you are going to feel some form of intimidation ...

Helicopter and air traffic control tower

Mistakes Were Made - An Aviation Error That Saved My Career

No pilot goes through an entire career without making a few bone headed mistakes. Pilot error accidents are the result of a chain of failures, ending up in a pile of twisted aluminum. I once landed a ...

Happy child dreams of traveling and bring an aviator pilot playing with an airplane in outdoor in the summer

Getting Started In Aviation - How To Pursue Your Dream Of Learning How To Fly

This article was developed for those looking to learn how to fly. It provides a brief description on how best to pursue your dream of learning how to fly airplanes. Learn what to look for in a flight ...

Amazing sci-fi background - extraterrestrial spaceship, UFO flies near airplane in dark blue sky

UFOs: Listen To The Pilots, Not The Pundits

Chuck Yeager, the military pilot who first broke the sound barrier in 1947, typifies what I faced as a child from my dad and his pilot buddies. Yeager was asked if he ever saw a UFO on Twitter. He sai ...

Beautiful blue sky with white lines of aeroplanes

Little Airplane/Big Sky - Why Aircraft Collide in Flight & How to Prevent It

There is a real danger, and that's the ever present peril of midair collisions. Some pilots subscribe to the little airplane/big sky theory. It goes without saying that a collision between two aircraf ...

A propeller airplane landing in Sion airport in the middle of the snow covered Alps mountain range in Valais, Switzerland

Landing a Plane - 10 Tips to a Greasy Smooth Touchdown

It's said that any pilot is only as good as his last landing. Landing a plane on a runway is a complex process of maneuvers and control inputs that tests every student pilot to the limit. Even after ...

Pilot cockpit view during air to air combat with missiles and flares chaff being deployed

Air Combat - How Do Pilots Avoid Being Hit By Missiles

Avoiding an incoming missile is a strategy as impressive as it sounds. This article covers one of the strategies that fighter pilots use in order to avoid missiles from hitting their planes. ...

Superhero Captain of airplane with white shirt uniform standing in cockpit of aircraft

Heroic Pilots

The recent events of US Airways Flight 1549 have brought renewed interest to heroic pilots and their exploits. No one can doubt the courage of pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III, who managed to ...

Pilot flight logbook for training becoming pilot isolated

How to Become a Pilot

Ever wanted to become a pilot? Do you have a son or daughter or friend thinking about flying as a career? ...

Float Plane in the Wilderness with pilot - used for hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, camping and scenic flight trips into remote back country areas around Alaska

Flying a Float Plane: Benefits and Downsides

Have you ever wanted to fly through the air? Have you ever thought of flying into the wilderness and landing on the water? Check out this article to find out more about how to make this dream a realit ...

POV of pilot in training plane.

What Are the 5 Most Significant Events in Becoming a Private Pilot?

The way most people decide to fly is when they are in an airplane. Logical and simple enough, but the desire is born of an unexpected attraction strong enough to rival attraction for anything or any p ...

A silhouette of Huey helicopter

Fessin' Up - A Rookie Takeoff in Vietnam, and a Lesson Learned

Aviation is a very unforgiving arena. Releasing one's hands from the controls of a helicopter is a certain way of proving inherent instability. Every pilot has self-generated teaching moments, oversig ...

Collage of Photographs Showing Smiling Female Pilot and Flight Instructor in Flight School at the Airport

Top Flight Training Schools - Getting Your Pilot's License

Are you looking for a flight school in order to get your flight training? There are things you should look for in order to find the place that is right for you. There are certain things to consider wh ...

Pilots In Command

Pilots In Command

Experience a day in the life of a general aviation pilot, hear some behind the scenes tales and discover what it takes to get behind the stick of a luxury aircraft. Our interviews give you insight int ...

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