9 1/2 Steps to Improve Your Flying

There are many things that you can do when you fly to make yourself a safer and better pilot.  Too many pilots get careless and stop doing fundamental things that could save their lives.  Here are some simple things that you can do to improve your flying.

1. Use your rudder pedals.

It seems simple, right?  Well, too many people neglect to get in the good habit of using them.  Use them during taxi, takeoff, climbs, cruise, maneuvers, descents, and landing.  Get the picture – Use them all the time.

You can know exactly how much to use them during flight by looking at the slip/skid indicator.  That is the ball of the turn coordinator.  As long as the ball is centered between the lines, you are using the right amount of rudder.  If the ball is outside the lines, add rudder in the direction that the ball is located.

For instance, if the ball is to the right, add right rudder.  An easy way to remember this is to “Step on the ball.”  Add enough pressure to re-center the ball.

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