How many people does it take to make private jet charter flights a reality? We should appreciate everyone who is a part of making a charter flight happen. We’ll be bringing you stories of the players that make the magic happen. From pilots to flight attendants, air traffic controllers to grounds crew, and mechanics to flight instructors, we’ll take time to acknowledge and understand the people who power it all. We’ll also be bringing you behind the scenes reporting, education, and insights from some of the biggest General Aviation events around the world. Our focus is on you, the flight professional.

Push back of the airplane after flight for maintenance.

You Thought Towing a Car Was Tough

Towing an airplane anytime requires skill and precision. In wintry weather, more precautions have to be taken. ...

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RFP- Request For Proposal written in notebook

How to Write an Aerospace Industry Business Proposal

Specialized businesses maintain aircraft, design and manufacture interior components or aircraft navigation systems, supply parts for aircraft engines, program monitoring and guidance systems, and so ...

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Technical specialists and aircraft mechanics install the reverse engine during maintenance of airplane.

Experienced MRO Teams

The way aircraft are maintained has increasingly been the focus of cost-cutting. This is a process that has at the same time to maintain high integrity. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) teams have ...

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Portrait of young beautiful confident flight attendants talking in airport

A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant3

Ever wonder what it's like to be a flight attendant? Here's a look at a typical day of work for a real flight attendant at a major airline. ...

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Doctor shows information on blackboard: aerospace medicine. Medical concept.

Practitioners of Aerospace Medicine Help Reduce Occupational Health and Safety Risks

Aerospace medicine is also known as aviation medicine. This is a broad practice of medicine that can include astronauts, pilots, and flight crews whose bodies may be susceptible to the stressful event ...

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Aircraft purchase team standing next to private jet

Choose Your Aircraft Purchase Team Wisely

As a business owner, you know that your team of experts is critical to the success of your business and that even one mediocre player can impair your expected outcome. Having a superior team of aviati ...

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Close up portrait of ground crew working at the airport fixing airplanes and checking the landing gear

Landing Gear Maintenance by Licensed Aircraft Engineers

During inspection and before removing any accumulated dirt, aircraft mechanics must closely observe the area being inspected while the wingtips are gently rocked up and down. Excessive motion between ...

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Wires of airplane dashboard. Cables with plugs close up.

Avionics Engineers and Avionics Installations7

When aircraft mechanics plan new avionics installations or avionics modifications for an aircraft, the installers and technicians will be presented with the proposed installation. They will input thei ...

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Close up hand is wearing gloves cleaning aircraft

Detailing Aircraft - That's Just a Plane Great Business to Be In I'd Say

Indeed, I started washing aircraft and hanging out at the airport at age 12, as I wanted to be a pilot like my dad. It was tough getting business in those days, as I was a just a skinny kid and didn't ...

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Titanium and steel aerospace parts, gears and cogwheels, two aerospace precision engineers talking in the foreground

Aerospace Precision Engineers

Aerospace precision engineers are increasingly being called upon to deal in advanced materials and evolve the engineering skills and expertise to offer a complete service in specialist alloys machinin ...

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Mechanics inspecting undercarriage aircraft

Aircraft Undercarriage Overhaul

Many factors affect the scope and frequency of aircraft undercarriage overhaul. The possibility of system malfunction increases with severe operating conditions, such as pilot training and agricultura ...

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Passengers being greeted by flight crew

Mystery Shopping for Airlines to Improve Customer Loyalty11

Mystery shopping can be a beneficial way for airlines to gain objective feedback. Typically, airlines only hear from angry customers when a problem arises. When it comes to air travel, emotions run hi ...

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Aircraft in the aviation industrial hangar on maintenance, outside the gate bright light.

Aircraft Line Maintenance

Line maintenance including a comprehensive range of services from A checks and scheduled engine changes, through cabin cleaning and servicing, AOG service and total care programmes relating to cabin m ...

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Presenting diagram of Aviation Safety

Career Profile: Aviation Safety Inspector

Many employers prefer applicants to possess a bachelor's degree in occupational health and safety. Occupational health and safety programs include coursework in hazardous materials, accident and injur ...

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Golden sign with gavel and law books and aviation law

What an Aviation Lawyer Can Do for You

Aircraft accidents are devastating events, and you must focus on recovering from your injuries and mourning lost loved ones. Seek help from an aviation lawyer to handle your legal proceedings and file ...

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Office manager travel agency on the phone

Travel Industry - Evolving, Sophisticated and Under Appreciated Industry15

The printed press and social media are full of headlines such as: 9 Things Your Travel Agent Will Not Tell You," "Useless Jobs," "Travel Do it Yourself" or "How to be a Travel Hacker." Furthermore, i ...

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Portrait of beautiful stewardess standing against limousine and private jet at airport terminal

So You Want to Become a Flight Attendant!

So, you want to become a flight attendant. Or, more specifically, you think you want to become a flight attendant. Most aspiring flight attendants are eager to jump right into the application process ...

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Aircraft maintenance engineer at work

Job Responsibilities And Lifestyle Of An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) or mechanics are responsible for making aircraft and helicopters flying fit. They ensure this by checking and maintaining all the systems aboard so that the system ...

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Side view of mechanic repairing the maintenance of a large engine of a passenger airplane in a hangar

Aviation Mechanic

Many people have ambitions to have high paying technical jobs and they have all the opportunities to have this, with the right attitude and the discipline. Being an aviation mechanic is a "dirty" tech ...

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Close up image of unrecognizable aviation team in uniform standing on the wing of big passenger airplane in the outdoors

Career Options in the Aviation Industry19

When it comes to the aviation industry, people think of flying. But it's not only about this! This industry is full of adventure, fun, and excitement. Apart from becoming a pilot, this sector has a lo ...

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Hand holding abstract polygonal airplane on black background. AI and teamwork concept

Where to Start When Seeking a Career in Aviation

Most of us at one time during our childhoods had a dream of becoming a pilot. This is still the case today and there are millions of kids and young adults dreaming the very same dream. ...

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Avionics bay in the nose of a black aircraft, with components, cables and circuit breakers.

Avionics Jobs May Be The Smartest Career Choice In Aviation

So you're possibly considering going down a path in the avionics jobs field? Well, I will tell you straight away that a career in avionics is an extremely smart choice for many reasons, which I will c ...

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Aviation engineer and his apprentice looking at detailed drawings

Becoming an Aviation Engineer - What Are the Education Requirements?

Embarking on a career as an aviation engineer can be an extremely rewarding experience. But be prepared to commit to a rigorous academic journey as this job carries much responsibility. ...

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Female Travel Agent Giving Information To A Young Couple For Vacation Package

Travel Agent Career - How To Become A Travel Agent23

In this article you'll discover if a travel agent career is right for you. You'll also learn exactly how to become one from home. The travel industry is the #1 searched topic on the internet and is ...

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Business man is working in Aviation industry office

Lucrative Career in Aviation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

This article explains about the lucrative Career in Aviation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. It elaborates on how to select the apt Logistics Management Institute to have a better and well paid ...

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Female aerospace engineer working on helicopter in hangar

Ladies There Are Many Aerospace Engineering Scholarships For Women

Ladies, do you want to work in the aerospace field? Are you currently pursuing or planning to major in engineering? Well you are in luck. ...

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Airplane service crew repairing plane in hangar: two young mechanics, man and woman, fixing jet plane turbine

Aviation Mechanics Overview

The Field of aviation is getting more advanced every year. The need for qualified airline mechanics has also increased. The demand for qualified aviation maintenance technicians has climbed to appro ...

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Portrait of a female travel agent in the suit and headset sitting indoors on the world map background

Online Travel Agent Career - 10 Reasons Why the Time is Now27

Here are 10 solid reasons to look at travel agent careers as a means of taking control during this record-breaking recession. Stop depending on a boss to get you through the day. The title of this pos ...

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Three beautiful flight attendants in front of aircraft engine

Flight Attendant Requirements - Exceeding The Threshold

Knowing the flight attendant requirements is fine; the ability to exceed those requirements may be the difference between landing your dream job, or being reduced to dreaming about what could have bee ...

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How many people does it take to make private jet charter flights a reality? We should appreciate everyone who is a part of making a charter flight happen. We’ll be bringing you stories of the players ...

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