Aerospace Precision Engineers

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Aerospace Precision Engineers

Titanium and steel aerospace parts, gears and cogwheels, two aerospace precision engineers talking in the foreground

Aerospace Precision Engineers

Aerospace Precision Engineers

By John Routledge

Aerospace precision engineers are increasingly being called upon to deal in advanced materials and evolve the engineering skills and expertise to offer a complete service in specialist alloys machining and the working of exotic metals. International quality and service is in demand with specialist machined components finding their way into an ever-widening array of applications.

From prototypes through to full-scale production of components, specialist alloys machining must be to any given specification, drawing, sample or customer requirement using the very latest aerospace milling, turning, welding and sheet metal bending equipment available. A fully controlled inspection facility with co-ordinate measuring systems accurate to 0.002mm are then used to ensure that rigorous quality standards are maintained at all times.

Choice of material provides the basis for a technical design team to take a basic idea and turn it into the engineering reality of a finished component.

Aerospace milling cutters

Manufacturers are machining more aggressively and they are becoming more attentive to the relative merits of different cutting tool coating choices, many of which offer particular benefits when machining aerospace specialist alloys. The use of coated aerospace milling cutters is growing amongst companies that machine aerospace materials.

Coatings slow the rate of tool wear, offer faster machining and reduce coolant use. Typically, the machining of complex jet engine parts is subject to first, intermediate and final stages. The development of superalloys and advanced titanium-based alloys is characterised by increased purity, toughness and high temperature strength. They are harder to machine.

Titanium alloys for the aerospace sector are becoming the material of choice for engine components, landing gear components and structural airframe parts, bulkheads, rib brackets and flap tracks.

PVD-coated drills.

Previously CVD diamond-coated tooling, a superior performance is achieved with PVD-coated drills. Cost per hole has been reduced. Surface finish can be best when aerospace milling is of nickel-based alloys and titanium with solid carbide cutting tools. Tool coatings can be of benefit here as well.

aviation-database.com [http://www.aviation-database.com/] has lots of resources for the aircraft industry. The web is a vast source of information. Aviation-database collects the industry into one huge database of contacts. Specialist alloys machining [http://www.aviation-database.com/Murray_Productions_machining_metal_cutting.htm] is featured in this article about aerospace precision engineers Murray Productions Ltd. You can click on the logo top or bottom to return to the searchable database giving contact details of other companies worldwide providing this service.

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John Routledge

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