Aviation Mechanics Overview

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Aviation Mechanics Overview

Airplane service crew repairing plane in hangar: two young mechanics, man and woman, fixing jet plane turbine

Aviation Mechanics Overview

Aviation Mechanics Overview

By Melissa Steele

The Field of aviation is getting more advanced every year.  The need for qualified airline mechanics has also increased.  The demand for qualified aviation maintenance technicians has climbed to approximately 50,000 per year.  Even though major Airline companies have had difficult past years, general aviation companies and smaller jet and aircraft manufacturers are seeking new talent to work as aircraft mechanics. Qualified aviation mechanics often have job offers before they are even finished with school.  With increasing national dependence on air travel, the demand for qualified technicians will outrun the supply of available technicians.

Aircraft mechanics ensure planes operate safely and efficiently. They service, repair, overhaul and test aircraft. Aircraft mechanics specialize in preventative care, making routine checks on engines, landing gear, pressurized sections and other aircraft parts to make sure everything works properly.  Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/), estimates that there are 154,000 aircraft mechanics currently work in the US.  There are 4 major categories under which these mechanics fall: Powerplant mechanics, Airframe mechanics, Combination airframe-and-powerplant mechanics--called A & P mechanics, and avionics technicians.  Powerplant mechanics are authorized to work on engines and do limited work on propellers.  Airframe mechanics are authorized to work on any part of the aircraft except the instruments, powerplants, and propellers. A & P Mechanics work on all parts of the plane except the instruments.  Avionics technicians repair and maintain components for aircraft navigation and radio communications, weather radar systems and instruments, and computers that control flight, engine and other functions.

Aviation mechanics usually work in hangars or in other indoor areas, although they can work outdoors.  These mechanics often work under time pressure to maintain flight schedules and to keep from inconveniencing air-travel customers. Aviation mechanics have a great duty to maintain safety standards.  This is what can make the jobs somewhat stressful.  Aircraft mechanics usually work 40 hours a week on 8-hour shifts at anytime of the day.

Melissa Steele is a featured writer for EducationGuys.com. She has been writing about college degrees & trade schools since 2004.

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Melissa Steele

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