Experienced MRO Teams

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Experienced MRO Teams

Technical specialists and aircraft mechanics install the reverse engine during maintenance of airplane.

Experienced MRO Teams

Experienced MRO Teams

By John Routledge

The way aircraft are maintained has increasingly been the focus of cost-cutting. This is a process that has at the same time to maintain high integrity. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul MRO teams have the capability to introduce at short-notice hand-picked individuals or teams of aircraft technicians and licensed aircraft engineers across a range of disciplines to support an operator's aviation requirements, as and when needed.

Specialist trained personnel include licensed aircraft engineers, avionics engineers and electrical tradesmen, aircraft mechanics, interiors and sheet metal workers, aerospace personnel with experience on a variety of aircraft types. Aerospace Manpower is equally for military production, aircraft maintenance and modification, technical manpower skills to support military aircraft production, maintenance and modification. All logistical elements of a project are now managed by production/manufacturing/planning engineers from training to travel.

Airlines, MRO providers, airports, and investors worldwide all require MRO expertise in fluctuating measure.

A comprehensive understanding of the Aviation Maintenance and MRO Marketplace, Maintenance & Engineering diagnostics for operators and MROs around the world enables the assessment of best-in-class operations, business processes, IT systems, and cost structures, sourcing and hangar/shop visit oversight, current knowledge of global MRO supplier performance, service standards, pricing structures, facility layout, and invoicing quality.

MRO Teams can be responsible for the management of aircraft and component overhauls, heavy maintenance visits, engine overhauls, aircraft modifications, aircraft recertifications, and bridging maintenance on aircraft ranging from regional turboprops to widebodies. Specifically, C-check, modifications package and interior conversion, interior configuration and re-certification, STCs and aircraft re-certification, engine overhauls and repairs, engine inventory management, including component overhauls and repairs prior to sale or service reintroduction.

Typical support programs are:

o AOG service (Aircraft on Ground) to ensure continuous aircraft operation
o Spare engine programs with guaranteed availability
o On-wing support from worldwide specialized mro teams
o Customized engine maintenance programs
o Optimized EGT (exhaust gas temperature) margin with advanced maintenance programs

When an engine arrives in the shop, one or more of the five different modules will be overhauled - Low Pressure Compressor, High Pressure Compressor, Low Pressure Turbine, High Pressure Turbine, and Gearbox. The parts of the modules will go to the pre-route (cleaning, non-destructive testing, inspection, partdisposition) and after that, possibly into the repair route depending on the condition of the part and costs of the repair (the part will be repaired if the repair costs are less than 60% of the cost of a new part).

A total engine overhaul (depending on how many modules must be repaired) takes 65 days.

Repairs/ treatments on engine parts include

o manual TIG-welding
o CNC Dabber-TIG-welding
o SWET welding (Superalloy Welding at Elevated Temperatures)

o nickel brazing
o silver brazing

Heat Treatments
o solution heat treatment
o homogenization
o precipitation hardening
o stress relieve heat treatment
o diffusion heat treatment
o hydrogen embrittlement to relieve heat treatment

Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Cleaning

Shot Peening

o galvanic: silver plating, nickel plating, chemical nickel, chromium plating, phosphating, anodizing, chromate conversion coating
o diffusion: Sermalloy J
o grit blasting prior to thermal spraying
o thermal spraying: plasma spraying, flame spraying, electric arc spraying

o turning 
o grinding
o milling 
o boring
o drilling 
o lapping, super finishing, honing
o tapping

o 3D-measuring 
o MK3-measuring
o LASER-measuring 
o manual measuring

o static
o dynamic

Aviation-database.com [http://www.aviation-database.com/] has lots of resources for the aircraft industry. The web is a vast source of information. Aviation-database collects the industry into one huge database of contacts. Aircraft MRO teams [http://www.aviation-database.com/TAC_Europe_and_Technology_Project_Services_TPS.htm] by TAC Europe TPS is just one of the thousands of companies whose contact details feature. TAC Europe TPS supplies licensed and qualified technical staff.

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John Routledge

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