Where to Start When Seeking a Career in Aviation

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Where to Start When Seeking a Career in Aviation

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Where to Start When Seeking a Career in Aviation

Where to Start When Seeking a Career in Aviation

By Joe W Kinuthia

Most of us at one time during our childhoods had a dream of becoming a pilot. This is still the case today and there are millions of kids and young adults dreaming the very same dream. One of the reasons as to why a majority of people do not actually live to see this dream come true is the lack of information on what it takes and where to start when seeking a career in aviation.

In most countries and especially in developing nations, piloting is a closed circle affair where those who have the knowledge, posses all of it and those who do not know are completely clueless. This has led to a situation where very few parents, guardians or teachers can direct children on how to get into the aviation industry.

Unknown to most people, there are a host of other careers in the aviation industry apart from the popular piloting. These careers include aircraft maintenance, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, airline operations, pilots and aerospace engineers. Choosing one over the others will depend on personality, interests, academic qualifications, health, career goals, flexibility, ability to follow strict guidelines, attentive to details and other such considerations. It is important to find the right match since job satisfaction is one of the most important benefits for career success.

The Internet has made a lot of things easier in many areas of modern life. Finding information resources on where to start when seeking a career in aviation is simply a matter of starting off with an online search. There is a lot of information that will help you in gaining a good understanding of what the career you are interested in entails. Once you have a general idea, you can then proceed to look for specifics in your areas of interest. You will need to find out what kind of academic, health, personality and ethical standards are required of the career you are considering.

Through self-assessment and with the help of others you find that you are a match for the specific aviation course you are considering, then you can proceed to research on training institutions that offer the courses that will equip you with the necessary skills. Here you can choose between taking up training with an institution that is near you or world-class institutions that may be located further afield. Costs will be an important factor as you make this decision and it is very important to keenly evaluate the options available. It must be pointed out that even local institutions will offer training that properly equips students for aviation careers. This is because all training especially for pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation industry professionals is high regulated in line with international aviation safety standards.

The key here is to ensure you carry out extensive research. It is always better to have too much information other than too little. Hoping this helps you get a step closer to achieving your dream of being a pilot or works to direct you towards the aviation career that is best for you.

As a bush and aerial survey pilot. I have been through the entire process of pilot training from a Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating through to a Commercial Pilot License.

I know how hard it is to break into the aviation industry when one has little or no experience. I have therefore created website and aviation information directory: Global Aviation Guide, for pilots, flight engineers, cabin crew, and aviation enthusiasts. At the Global Aviation Guide website you will find a wealth of aviation articles, aviation jobs, flight schools, and general aviation information.

I have worked in various career fields most recently as an Instructional Designer and Technical writer. This helps me understand the importance of creating and writing quality articles and providing quality information. Find quality articles that I have created on the Global Aviation Guide website: [http://www.globalaviationguide.com/articles/]

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Joe W Kinuthia

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