Road Show

When business calls, sometimes you're required to hit the road. 9 European cities in 5 days? 35 cities around the world in 2 months? With Road Show, we tailor the adventure to our favorite business jet travelers - the ones who help keep our economies moving. We offer up tips and tricks for making your long trips easier and even more fulfilling ... from how to get a great night's sleep wherever you’re called, to never being away from home without a freshly pressed shirt, to making the most out of your six extra hours in Prague, to maintaining your energy on the longest of road shows. Armed with knowledge, you'll have the leisure to actually enjoy the cities where business brings you. Sit back as we guide you through getting the most pleasure on top of your business travel.

Global Business Collage of Business People in a Corporate Travel Collection Concept.

Productivity Tips for Travelers - How To Be A Productive Road Warrior

You have seen them, they all look alike, the regular 'road warrior' with their determined expression, wrinkle proof suit and pulling a beaten up carry on bag... whether you travel a little or a lot wi ...

Businessman with laptop in business concept with bridge and skyscrapers in background

12 Tips for the Corporate Traveller

Chances are if you are an executive in today's business world, you have seen enough airport restaurants and 'fasten seatbelt' signs to last a lifetime. Regular air travel has become a standard part of ...

A world map with travel quotes and countries identified with push pins.

1400+ Best: Travel Quotes About Travel

We all love quotes. They inspire, motivate, and tell a story succinctly. Enjoy these 1400+ Travel quotes. The best quotes about travel can move everyone into an appreciation for traversing the globe! ...

Footprints on sandy beach with a world map design in darker sand

Travel Lightly: 5 Ways to Minimise Your Global Footprint While Travelling

By its very nature, travel undeniably impacts on the environment and the people and cultures who are part of the travel process. You can't get from one side of the world to the other without leaving s ...

Businessman carrying Earth on his shoulders up a hill with skyscrapers in the background

How To Get Ready For A Long-Term International Trip

Taking a trip out of the country can be overwhelming. There are lots of important details to tend to before you leave your home behind. With the right amount of planning, you can make this a smooth an ...

Health is Wealth words on a dark blue sky background with an illuminated lamp post

5 Secrets of Healthy Road Warriors

Frequent road warriors face a higher risk of obesity, stress and other health problems compared to their colleagues who travel less. Here are five ways to stay healthy on the road. ...

Digital nomad word cloud concept on grey background

How to Be a Digital Nomad in Australia

David is a business consultant from Sydney. He also likes to travel, write and share his knowledge about various business strategies. He has spent a year traveling through Europe and working as an onl ...

Business man with garment bag walking toward camera

How to Travel With Suit and Tie

Whether you are a frequent business traveler, or are going on business trip that requires you to bring a suit and tie for the first time, below are some helpful tips that will help you protect your ex ...

Animated front view of concierge counter with two concierges in suits.

Animate the Adventure With Travel Concierge Services

Are you gearing up for a vacation, business travel or adventure this holiday? Travel concierge services are all you need. Get to a good start and maximize the adventure by letting the best and experie ...

Laptop, notebook, smartphone, passport, compass, magnifying glass and clock with TRAVEL TIPS word on wooden table.

3 Tips for Easier Business Travel

I've been doing a ton of traveling lately. In and out of hotel rooms, rental cars, airplanes and unfamiliar offices... ...

Power plug travel adapter, isolated on white background

The Ever-Reliable Travel Adapter

There is no question that the travel adapter is one of the most reliable items any traveler could have. It is especially essential if you travel outside of the country on a regular basis. So, what is ...

Old red travel journal on wooden table with quill pen, ink, compass, and candle

How to Start Your Travel Journal

Writing a travel journal can be a fun experience. You will be jotting down everything from your travels around the world and creating a memorabilia of sorts. After a few years, the journal will be lik ...

Driver of VIP car service waiting for passengers near his car and ready to go

Hire a Reliable Transportation Service for a Successful Road Show

If you wish to organize a wonderful road show, you must hire one of the best transportation services. You will enjoy multiple services such as successful planning, providing delayed information to the ...

Business man is tired and falling asleep while leaning back in chair while waiting to board airplane at the airport

Overcoming Travel Fatigue: Little Tweaks That Make a Difference

Sometimes, travel is NOT all about the fun. It can be about the stress, the tight schedules, the many pressures and the fatigue. ...

Ghana and Vietnam two flags on flagpoles and blue cloudy sky background

Ghana and Vietnam: Attitudes Toward Strangers

Although we are constantly reminded that all human beings share most of our natural characteristics in common, there are undoubtedly noticeable differences between people of different race and nationa ...

Private car service waiting in front of the private jet

Benefits of a Private Car Service

If you're traveling to a new city or need a relaxing ride home or have family coming in to visit hiring a private car service is an excellent choice. Further, if you're on vacation or traveling for bu ...

Businessman planning travel with a mobile phone. Corporate strategic travel planning.

Meeting the Corporate Traveller's Needs

The fast growth in the hospitality sector is largely due to increasing travel, tourism and globalisation of business and commerce. There are two types of travellers. The first are those who travel for ...

USA Flag vs Europe Flag. EU flag and American flag background

The 5 Biggest Differences Between the US and Europe

If you have ever lived in both Europe and the United States, you will have noticed a few differences in the culture, the people, and even the land. As a 10-year expat I had the wonderful opportunity o ...

Limo driver standing and opening white car door

Chauffeur Services

Luxury chauffeur service can make your travel experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Apart from using the services for your convenience, you can use them for your visitors to represent the company an ...

Direction to different tourists places

How Much Does It Really Cost to Travel the World for 6 Months?

This article will tell you how much it costs to travel the world for six months and how you can do the same. I visited five continents, 23 countries and over a hundred cities learning new things and e ...

Road Show of Air Travel

Road Show

When business calls,sometimes you're required to hit the road. 9 European cities in 5 days? 35 cities around the world in 2 months? With Road Show, we tailor the adventure to our favorite business jet ...

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