Designed to support your high-flying lifestyle, we sample and rank the best of the best. Are there some cool new toys out there for the wealthiest of the wealthy? Is there an innovative improvement in the world of luggage? What are the latest gadgets to make your flights more fun? Are there magical elixirs and potions to battle jet lag and other ailments that might accompany your air travel? We'll help you decide. Discover new luxury brands with small but dedicated followings, boutique shops & bespoke experiences from around the world, and the products you’ll want to track down, all in one place.

A local artisan making handicraft from silk, ceramics, metal, glass, and wood at Chiang Mai Walking Street market for Thai tourists and foreigners who enjoy shopping

Chiang Mai Markets, Thailand - Handicraft Shopping Paradise

Chiang Mai is shopping paradise for most travelers because of its unequaled abundance of handicrafts and quaint local goods sold at very affordable prices. Shopping venues are scattered around the cit ...

Peruvian Women in Traditional Clothing holding their clothed baby alpacas in Cuzco, Peru

5 Top Gift Ideas For Your Peru Vacation

Travelling to Peru soon and need some great gift ideas? I have put together a quick list of 5 really great gift ideas for you to look out for on a Peru Vacation. Avoid the abundance of cheap street gi ...

Traders from across African Continent selling their handmade curios and other wares from colourful stalls at Greenmarket Square in Cape Town, South Africa.

Outdoor Markets of Cape Town

Visitors to Cape Town, South Africa, may not be aware of the opportunity to experience the popular outdoor markets which are a characteristic of this beautiful and vibrant city. This article provides ...

Shopping at Oxford Street in London, England on Christmas Day.

Which Is The Best British Shopping Destination For Overseas Visitors?

We are going to highlight some excellent shopping destination cities whilst you are visiting Britain. From high end designer names, to quirky uniquely British gifts to low cost fashion there are plent ...

Gift with golden ribbon on the seashore beach with sea and waves in background.

Gift Shop Retailers - Personalized Vacation Memories

The gift shop that you spent countless hours setting up is your pride and joy. You worked hard for it and now you expect it to work just as hard for you. We all know that it doesn't come easy, but wit ...

Leather World War 2 helmet and flight jacket hanging on the wooden chair outside pilot house.

History of Flight Jackets

As early as World War I when airplanes had open cockpits, pilots began seeking clothing to provide warmth and comfort in the cold temperatures of the open skies. Thus the birth of the legendary "Bombe ...

Aerial view of shopping center at the tropical beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Where to Shop in Punta Cana - A Vacation From Your Vacation

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a vacation destination unlike any other. Where the more traditional tourism hubs like Cabo or Cancun were somewhat gentrified prior to their current and more glamori ...

Copper, brass, and gold items for sale at Khan el Khalili market in Cairo, Egypt.

Khan El Khalili - Old World Trading in a Middle Eastern Market

The pulsating heart of any middle eastern town is the souk. Souk is the Arabic word for an outdoor market and the Khan El Khalili in Cairo is one of the largest and most interesting of these markets. ...

People visit Ben Thanh night market in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Nocturnal Adventures - Shopping in Saigon's Night Market

One of the best parts of traveling abroad is the opportunity it gives us to be adventurous. This includes doing usual, everyday things in unusual settings - shopping, for instance. Nothing compares to ...

Overlook of shoppers at El Rastro flea market in Madrid, Spain. This popular open air flea market is held every Sunday and public holiday

A Little Shopping on Your Madrid Vacation

As one of the fashion hubs of the world, it is no surprise that Madrid is also known for its excellent shopping. Here you will find innovative designs, beautiful traditional crafts, contemporary furni ...

Collage of happy interracial couple holding hands, clinking champagne glasses, and man gifting present to woman in private plane

Private Jet Trip As a Present

This article briefly discusses the idea of giving as a present an opportunity to fly by a private jet. A private jet trip could be more memorable than expensive goods and more original in comparison t ...

General Douglas MacArthur in aviator sunglasses smoking pipe

The Fashionable Rise of Aviator Sunglasses - A Fashion Must-Have

Aviator sunglasses also known as "pilot shades" are one of the most popular style of sunglasses around, just look on the pages of any fashion magazine or on your favorite celebrity and you are sure to ...

Dubai Mall shopping center building illuminated at night with people

Best Places to Shop in Dubai

Dubai is truly one of the best emerging destinations for tourists in the last few years. The number of tourists who travel to Dubai considerably grew in the last couple of years. In fact the city, and ...

Shih tzu puppy in a travel pet carrier on white background

Choosing a Good Pet Travel Carrier - What to Look For - And Getting Your Pet Ready For It

Learn how to choose the right pet carrier for both yourself and your pet. Traveling with your pet can be safe and easy with the right pet carrier. ...

Portrait of young beautiful woman pilot wearing a leather bomber jacket in front of airplane

Leather Jackets - How to Pick the Right One in Bomber Style

Originally designed for pilots in warfare conditions, bomber jackets have been highly popular ever since they have come into existence. During World War I, aircraft cockpits were not completely enclos ...

Travel holiday vacation concept with nice funny pug dog sit down inside an old vintage leather luggage

What Type of Traveler Are You? Determine the Type of Luggage That Suits You Best

How often do you travel? Does your luggage match your traveling lifestyle? ...



Designed to support your high-flying lifestyle, we sample and rank the best of the best. Are there some cool new toys out there for the wealthiest of the wealthy? Is there an innovative improvement in ...

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