Where to Shop in Punta Cana - A Vacation From Your Vacation

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Where to Shop in Punta Cana - A Vacation From Your Vacation

Aerial view of shopping center at the tropical beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Where to Shop in Punta Cana - A Vacation From Your Vacation

Where to Shop in Punta Cana - A Vacation From Your Vacation

By Enid Glasgow

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a vacation destination unlike any other. Where the more traditional tourism hubs like Cabo or Cancun were somewhat gentrified prior to their current and more glamorized state, Punta Cana was scarcely a third-world city before it was seemingly conquered and convereted into a mass of hotels and attractions and all-inclusive beach front amenities.

Likewise, vacationing in Punta Cana is confined to the resort; they are sprawling and lapping over into one another, and the chance of you doing anything absent of a Punta Cana resort affiliation is fairly slim.

To combat any cabin fever that could transpire as a result of keeping cooped up in your hotel, when an opportunity to escape the shackles of an otherwise relaxing vacation emerges, you take it, and you embrace it.

Money-not that you haven't already extinguished enough of it by the time you actually make it to the Dominican, but we spend it, regardless, even while on vacation, and there are plenty of shopping centers in Punta Cana that will happily accept your money. While much of what you find there can typically pick up elsewhere, some are unique to the country and its culture.

Artesany Center - Offers everything from hammocks, crafted before you, to Guayacan wood pieces, to live shows. The Artesany Center inhabits a natural Dominican atmosphere and the crafts sold there are typically authentic and native to the country.

Plaza Bavero - Largest shopping center in Punta Cana. A diverse store selection populates the premises, ranging from drug stores to campy souvenir shops.

Plaza Punta Cana - A smaller bank of stores, situated across from the Occidental Flamenco.

El Cortesito Flee Market - Right on the beach and offering traditional Dominican textiles and food. Offers an eclectic sampling of the country's culture and its various exports.

If not for some novelty memorabilia, or the occasional deal, getting out from your Punta Cana resort and shopping can be your vacation from your vacation.

Enid Glasgow is a travel writer who enjoys traveling in the Americas and Caribbean. When visiting the Dominican Republic, she stays at Dominican Republic Resorts in Punta Cana [http://www.paradisuspuntacana.travel/] like Paradisus Punta Cana.

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Enid Glasgow

Enid Glasgow is the product of unbridled wanderlust; a passion that has guided her to 5 continents and inspires every word she writes. She is a seasoned traveler and has been featured in many publications. Although she is a regular contributor to CRW, she irregularly works freelance, providing a lifetime of experiences to other industry-trusted blogs, magazines, and news sites.

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