Different Missions

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Different Missions

Different Missions is all about the many ways that private aircraft can be used as tools for more than business and luxury transportation. Granted, these are magnificently beautiful, multi-million dollar flying machines, but they are tools nonetheless. From aerial photography to air racing, from movie cameos to crop dusting, from charitable causes to vital organ transport, this is where the great diversity within the private aviation industry gets displayed. Sometimes obvious and sometimes obscure, these functions are examples of how we can always do more with the tools at our disposal.

Different Missions

Different Missions

Different Missions is all about the many ways that private aircraft can be used as tools for more than business and luxury transportation. Granted, these are magnificently beautiful, multi-million dol ...

Man with remote control plane flying in air

What Are Remote Control Airplanes Used for?

Remote control airplanes are currently one of the most popular hobbies taken on by adults. It is a great way to reminisce your childhood without seeming childish. Oh no, remote controlled airplanes ca ...

Calidus gyrocopter flying and banking in for landing

Cost Effective Law Enforcement Aerial Patrol

With law enforcement budgets for aviation units shrinking or agencies forced to dissolve the unit entirely, this article addresses some potential options that can be considered to keep the unit operat ...

Interior of the ambulance airplane with pair of stretchers

Air Ambulances and a Guide to Them If You Need Them

Accidents can happen anytime, and medical assistance should not be delayed. A patient has the right to have the fastest medical assistance and utmost care from medical staff and family members. But wh ...

Helicopter mounted gyro stabilized camera

Flying for Fun and Profit: Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography provides aviation minded photographers and pilots an ideal way to generate a solid cash flow on a full or art time basis. Minimum camera and lenses are needed and can be purchased s ...

A twin-engined Firefighter water bomber airplane dumping its load.

Firefighting Jobs - Aerial Fire Fighting

This method of firefighting is not the usual method of fighting fires we all envision. This article looks into the job of an aerial firefighter. ...

Catalina Flying boat on display at Shoreham by sea airshow Sussex, England.

About Flying Boats

There are many different types of aircraft and aviation vessels. Between the hot air balloons and the space ships, aviation has many types of vessels in between. While space ships may be the conventio ...

Crop duster, agricultural aircraft, dressing a field of alfalfa, Mohave Valley, Arizona

Crop Dusting Pilots - A Career That is in Demand Now

The farming industry has made it through the recession decently and there is still quite the demand for crop dusting pilots. Farms need crop dusting planes to spray fertilizers, fungicides, insecticid ...

Different airplanes flying, collection isolated on white background

The Top 10 Uses of Aviation

Aviation has been and will always be one of the greatest breakthroughs in technological development. Aviation has been the backbone of many industries and has played key roles too for many years. ...

Unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky flying over dense clouds over the territory of patrol

High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a low cost alternative to expensive Satellite. HALE UAV provides stronger signals since the distance between receiver and relay stat ...

Emergency helicopter rescue performing airlift

Helicopters - The Multi Utility Machines

This article talks about the versatility of helicopters in performing much more than just being an executive mode of transport. ...

Swiss Air rescue REGA presents its long distance jet Canadair CL 604 Challenger

Air Ambulances - Their Importance and Value

Have you ever heard about air ambulances? Well if not then, air ambulances are used when the traditional means of ambulances cannot be used to rescue a patient and transport him or her to the nearest ...

A Cessna 182 of the US Civil Air Patrol is show in flight.

What is Civil Air Patrol?

As the official U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, CAP is assigned more than 90 percent of the Air Force's inland search and rescue missions. It is credited with saving an average of 80 lives each year. CAP wa ...

Parade of various helicopters of the German Air Force

How Many Uses Are There For Helicopters?

Helicopters have been adopted by a range military, commercial, and private customers over the last 100-plus years since their invention. Here are the most common uses of helicopters today. ...

Sound recording device. Condenser microphone with grille protection.

Recording Sound Effects Onboard a Commercial Aircraft

Recording on commercial aircraft is a complicated and time-consuming task. It involves planning, special equipment, time and money. Although the price of commercial flights has dropped massively over ...

Fire fighting helicopter carry water bucket to extinguish forest fire

Helicopter Fire Fighting: An Essential Tool

When you sit down to compare jets and shuttles with helicopters and choppers, they might appear to be meant for two different set of purposes. Though the former might be most innovative of today's air ...

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