Helping the World

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Helping the World

Helping the World

In times of great need, everyone has to do what they can to help out. Helping the World is where our stories of private jets helping move people and goods in and out of calamity-stricken areas get shared. From war-torn regions to natural disaster zones, these are the stories of people helping evacuate and rebuild where aid is needed most. We will also occasionally put out calls to action when the forecast calls for the kind of help our readers excel at.‍


Team contributions to Private Jet Charter Flights of Fancy magazine. We hope you enjoy!

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C-130 flying in Afghanistan with mountains in the background

Airplane Memories: C-130 Medi-Vac Saved My Son's Hand

The situation was serious they were preparing to medi-vac my son to take him to the larger, better equipped Hospital in Taipei. The C-130 aircraft is heavy and ponderous as a whale in flight. During a ...

Children Hands Building Colorful Word Volunteer. Ocean And Beach As Background

Six Smart Strategies for a Transformative Volunteer Experience

As voluntourism becomes increasingly popular, we talk to a foreign volunteer and the head of a community-based organisation that hosts foreign volunteers about their experiences. This article outlines ...

Civil Air Patrol aircraft on display

A Few Steps to Get You Started in Civil Air Patrol

If a private aircraft crashes in a remote area, and no one is there to see it happen, how is it miraculously found? Well, folks, there is actually no miracle to it. ...

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Hand writing Stop Human Trafficking on grey background

Air Peace Honoured for Foiling Child Trafficking

One of the highlights of the 27th edition of the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN) annual lecture and awards, in Lagos was the honoring of Air Peace's Crew for thwarting efforts by two wom ...

Catalina Flying boat on display at Shoreham by sea airshow Sussex, England.

About Flying Boats

There are many different types of aircraft and aviation vessels. Between the hot air balloons and the space ships, aviation has many types of vessels in between. While space ships may be the conventio ...

A Cessna 182 of the US Civil Air Patrol is show in flight.

What is Civil Air Patrol?

As the official U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, CAP is assigned more than 90 percent of the Air Force's inland search and rescue missions. It is credited with saving an average of 80 lives each year. CAP wa ...

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Aerial view of a mountain lake in the Dolomites with refuge among firs and mountains

Mountain Retreat Activities

If you have some cash to spend and are looking for a nice way to spend time away from the stress of city life, consider going to a cozy mountain resort on a retreat. Mountain retreats are fabulous fo ...

Well-mannered children on a private jet

How To Keep Your Child Entertained On Flights

As much as children enjoy travelling to other places, it cannot be helped that there are instances where they experience boredom during the trip (and some end up throwing tantrums). When this happens, ...

Whakapapa ski area on Mt Ruapehu smack bang in the middle of the north island New Zealand

What Is a Great Destination for Intermediate Skiing? A Perfect "10": On-Piste, Off the Beaten Path

Frustrated with ski resorts that are great for experts or beginners but leave Intermediates bored or struggling to keep up? Finding the right destination is not easy especially if you are traveling al ...

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